OPPO further opens the authorization of VOOC flash charging technology, and the ecological construction of flash charging enters the fast lane

February 23, 2021 , Shanghai, China -At the MWC21 Shanghai conference that just kicked off, OPPO Guangdong Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as OPPO) held a flash charging ecological communication with the theme of “Fast·Enter the Future” meeting. OPPO will work with partners such as FAW-Volkswagen, NXP (NXP Semiconductors), Anker (Anker) and other partners to continue to expand the application areas of VOOC flash charging technology to meet the diverse charging needs of consumers in the era of 5G integration.

Launching Ceremony of “Flash Charge Ecological Partner Program”

Since its first mass production and sale on the Find 7 series in 2014, OPPO has continued to optimize VOOC flash charging technology at the three levels of software, hardware, and custom algorithms, continuously improving charging efficiency and safety, and leading the industry development of fast charging technology .

In November 2018, OPPO officially opened the patent authorization of VOOC flash charging technology, and went hand in hand with partners to meet the growing needs of users in flash charging scenarios. At this communication meeting, OPPO also announced the latest VOOC flash charging technology ecosystem partners, including FAW-Volkswagen, NXP (NXP), Anker, etc. Working with partners, OPPO will use VOOC flash charging technology to empower more terminal devices to reach high-frequency charging scenarios such as homes, offices, vehicles, and public places, to meet consumers’ all-weather, multi-terminal, and multi-scene charging needs.

As of December 31, 2020, OPPO has more than 2,950 global patent applications in the field of fast charging, with a total of nearly 1,400 authorized patents, bringing a safe, efficient, and burden-free flash charging experience to 175 million users worldwide.

Feng Ying, Senior Director of OPPO Intellectual Property, said: “OPPO believes that the future of VOOC flash charging technology not only requires technological development, but also requires openness, integration and win-win at the ecological level. We use patent authorization as a way to expand the layout of the flash charging technology ecosystem. , I hope that more consumers around the world can enjoy the efficient, convenient and safe ecological experience that we bring through the innovation of flash charging technology in all scenarios and multiple terminals.”

Feng Ying, Senior Director of OPPO Intellectual Property

Tan Jing, Brand Director of Anker China, said: “From the very first day of its establishment, Anker has emphasized innovation as the core, user experience-oriented, and insisted on using innovation to create a five-star experience for users. This is in line with OPPO’s user-centric approach. The concept of the company coincides. We hope that through this cooperation, high-quality and safe fast charging services will be brought to more users, so that they can better enjoy the better experience brought by innovative technology.”

Wang Guangning, head of wireless charging for NXP (NXP Semiconductor) Asia Pacific, said: “NXP (NXP) always hopes to improve people’s lives through technology. Through cooperation with OPPO, we will use the innovative technologies of both parties to provide users with more efficient Fast charging experience.”

As a fast charging technology independently developed by OPPO, VOOC flash charging is also recognized by a national authoritative laboratory. It is the first fast charging technology to obtain five-star certification from Tell Laboratory. At the site of the communication meeting, OPPO, in conjunction with Tyre Laboratory and Tyre Certification, jointly released the “Flash Charge Technology Report”, looking back and looking forward to the development of VOOC flash charging technology ecology, and guiding VOOC flash charging industry partners to conduct standard tests and certifications to ensure Sanfang VOOC flash charging accessories are safe and reliable.

Zhang Yang, Chairman of Taier Certification Center Co., Ltd. said: “OPPO has a long history of cooperation with Taier Laboratory and Taier Certification. The safety and efficiency of OPPO VOOC flash charging technology is our focus. Through this cooperation, we I hope to help expand the VOOC flash charging technology ecosystem and promote the development of fast charging technology.”

As the world’s leading technology company, OPPO is committed to working with industry partners to provide users with outstanding innovative technology experience. Up to now, OPPO has opened up VOOC flash charging patent authorization to more than 40 industry partners. In order to better empower the development of the industry, OPPO also launched the “Flash Charge Ecological Partner Program”, which will work with partners to continuously enhance the industry influence of VOOC flash charging technology and bring more users a high-quality flash charging experience.