OPPO further opens up flash charging authorization to open a new chapter in flash charging ecology

On February 23, 2021 MWC (World Mobile Communications Conference) was held in Shanghai. OPPO participated in the conference with the theme of Ronghui·Benefit and held a flash charging ecological communication meeting. ) And many well-known technology companies held a flash charging technology authorization ceremony. This action marks the further opening of the OPPO flash charging ecosystem, and the VOOC flash charging technology can be used in more products and application scenarios.

In March 2014, OPPO VOOC flash charging technology was first commercialized on the Find 7 series. The VOOC flash charging technology has been leading the development of fast charging technology since its inception. The early slogan “Charge for five minutes and talk for two hours” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. VOOC flash charging technology has become one of OPPO’s important advantages.

Since 2018, OPPO has successively opened VOOC flash charging technology authorization to many third-party accessory manufacturers. This time, OPPO will further open the flash charging authorization during the 2021 MWC, which will help create a larger flash charging ecosystem. It is worth noting that this is OPPO’s first entry into the automotive/travel field, and the cross-field expansion is sufficient to reflect OPPO’s strength in the fast charging field.

The technical strength of OPPO VOOC flash charging

After seven years of sharpening the sword, OPPO’s achievements in the fast charging field are obvious to all. In 2020, OPPO flash charging technology has achieved a comprehensive breakthrough. The officially released 125W wired super flash charging and 65W AirVOOC wireless flash charging technologies once again refresh the wired and wireless charging power. At the same time, OPPO also released a small and portable 50W super flash biscuit charger, 110W super flash mini charger, etc., opening up a new direction for charging development.

The above outstanding flash charging products/technical releases are all the achievements of OPPO’s technology accumulation in the fast charging field, and also reflect the technological advancement of OPPO in the fast charging field. It is understood that as of December 31, 2020, OPPO has more than 2,950 global patent applications in the field of fast charging, with a total of nearly 1,400 authorized. These are OPPO’s technical strength in the field of fast charging.

OPPO has long-term cooperation with Tell Labs and Tell Certification Center. VOOC flash charging technology is the first fast charging technology to obtain a five-star certificate from Tell Labs. Tell Labs evaluates mobile phones and charging systems from the four dimensions of charging speed, charging system safety, mobile phone charging temperature, and charging efficiency. The ability to obtain a five-star certificate means that Thiel Labs’ VOOC flash charging technology is safe and effective in charging. Affirmation of leading performance in charging speed.

In 2018, Tyre Laboratories and OPPO and other standard drafting units jointly drafted the YDB 195-2018 “Mobile Communication Terminal Fast Charging Technical Requirements and Test Methods” standard, which is the first Chinese and international standard for fast charging technology , Has now been upgraded to an industry standard.

At the OPPO Flash Charging Ecological Communication Conference held at MWC 2021, OPPO jointly released the “Flash Charging Technology Report” in conjunction with the Tell Laboratory and the Tell Certification Center, and the Tell Laboratory fully implemented the performance and safety of OPPO VOOC flash charging technology. sure.

The above are the manifestations of OPPO’s strength in the fast charging field, which is also a solid foundation for OPPO to open the authorization of flash charging technology.

Quickly promote the opening of VOOC flash charging ecology

OPPO has made significant progress in creating the ecological openness of VOOC flash charging. At present, the number of enterprises authorized by VOOC flash charging technology has exceeded 40, covering smart terminals such as charger chips, power banks, car chargers, and charging piles (chairs).

The ecological opening of VOOC flash charging is not limited to simple technical authorization, but has established a set of VOOC accessory product certification system for accessory products developed by authorized ecological partners, which can effectively ensure that accessories products equipped with VOOC flash charging protocol continue to be safe, reliable and charging The agreement is valid and guarantees the same excellent VOOC flash charging experience.

PowerPort 2-port 38W with VOOC

At the 2021 MWC conference, Anker manufacturers authorized by VOOC flash charging technology exhibited products using VOOC flash charging technology, including 38W dual-port chargers, PowerCore Fushion 5K (charger mobile power two in one) and other products.

PowerCore Fushion 5K

OPPO’s promotion of VOOC flash charging ecological opening is of great significance. The flash charging ecosystem created by OPPO alone has certain limitations, and OPPO can effectively expand VOOC flash charging by opening the VOOC flash charging patent license to third-party companies. The ecological circle of friends allows more manufacturers to join the VOOC flash charging ecosystem and jointly build the flash charging ecosystem to cover more categories and usage scenarios.

OPPO’s open flash charging technology authorization can not only effectively accelerate the ecological construction of flash charging, but also bring more opportunities to enterprises, benefiting the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. OPPO is promoting the development of the entire fast charging industry through flash charging technology innovation and ecological opening.

The ecological opening of VOOC flash charging can also solve to a certain extent the problem of compatibility of fast charging protocols on the market. At present, the charging protocols of many mobile phones and digital products are not compatible with each other. If you do not use the specified charger or cable, you cannot enjoy the fast charging function. The incompatibility of the fast charging protocol between various products will cause a lot of trouble, such as the need to carry multiple chargers when traveling on business.

Obviously, OPPO is continuously expanding the ecological layout of flash charging for in-vehicle application scenarios, home scenarios, office scenarios, and public event scenarios. When VOOC flash charging covers more products and usage scenarios, it can reduce the fast charging protocol incompatibility problems encountered above, make the user’s fast charging experience more complete, and enjoy fast charging anytime and anywhere, effectively improving the performance of different scenarios Charging experience.

OPPO has gradually created a patented flash charging technology system that includes barrier patents, industry standards, and technical certifications. At the same time, OPPO has jointly created a more comprehensive open flash charging ecosystem by authorizing flash charging technology to third-party companies, which will not only bring more opportunities to third-party companies, but also promote the standardization of the fast charging field and promote the entire fast charging field. The development of the charging industry.

For ordinary users, the opening of the OPPO VOOC flash charging ecology can also allow users to enjoy the extremely fast and safe charging experience brought by VOOC flash charging technology in more scenarios, and all users will ultimately benefit.