OPPO Future Technology Conference 2020 is scheduled for November 17. What black technology will this time be?

This morning, the annual OPPO INNO DAY Future Technology Conference was officially announced. At 16:00 on November 17, OPPO will answer "What kind of imagination technology will bring us".

As a technology-oriented event, the OPPO Future Technology Conference is as shocking as the release of flagship mobile phones. Last year, the OPPO Future Technology Conference took "Convergence and Unbounded" as the theme, bringing 5G CPE, AR glasses and other products, so that the smart scene of future multi-device integration will be more clearly displayed before our eyes. At the same time, OPPO also demonstrated the industry-leading under-screen camera technology, giving more expectations to the new generation of smart phones.

▲2019 OPPO Future Technology Conference

So what are the highlights of OPPO Future Technology Conference this year? According to the schedule of OPPO's official website, OPPO will bring two brand-new technologies, namely FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system and full-link color management system. In the 5G era, the development of video has further accelerated, giving birth to a large number of users who use mobile phones to shoot Vlogs. The OPPO FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system is expected to further improve the shooting effect of portrait videos, which is a big plus for Vloggers. Since the beginning of this year, more and more domestic brands have launched high-quality screen models. However, due to the weaknesses in Android's ecological color management, it is difficult to fully realize the hardware potential. The OPPO full-link color management system is expected to play a huge role in this process. . In addition to the above two technical systems, OPPO will also bring three concept products at this conference, which are also very worth looking forward to.

As the world's leading technology company, OPPO has always emphasized the people-oriented technology concept and is committed to meeting the core needs of target users. At this Future Technology Conference, OPPO founder and CEO Chen Mingyong will share OPPO's scientific and technological thinking in the era of 5G integration. According to official information, it is likely that "technology is a means, and people are an end" topic. And Liu Chang, vice president of OPPO and dean of the research institute, will also explain OPPO's technical philosophy and direction in the 5G era in "Technology Integration, Human Future". Combining with the theme of the event "Being Good", it is not difficult to see that OPPO has always been thinking about "people" in the process of technology research and development, which is in line with all brand values based on user value. Under the guidance of humanistic thinking, the upcoming OPPO new technologies and products will undoubtedly be more likely to resonate with consumers, and future technology will bring about a lifestyle change.