OPPO joins hands with China Mobile to advance the integration of everything with the 3+N+X technology transition strategy

2020 November 19, Guangzhou, China – Taking the “5G integrated into all industries, the number of wisdom to lead the future” as the theme of the Eighth China Mobile Worldwide Partner Conference held in Guangzhou.

Liu Bo, Vice President of OPPO and President of China Region, attended the “5G Pan-smart Terminals, Channel Cooperation Ecological Summit”

As a leading domestic smart terminal and technology company, OPPO was invited to participate in this conference, announced the “3+N+X” technology transition strategy to China Mobile and its partners, and exhibited the OPPO X 2021 scroll at the conference A variety of concept products and cutting-edge technologies such as the screen concept machine, OPPO AR Glass 2021, Li-Fi Light Speed Interconnection, etc.

“3” refers to the three basic technologies of software, hardware and services. It is the technical base for OPPO’s long-term development. It can help OPPO design better smart hardware products, realize a smart experience of multi-device integration, and provide a multi-faceted experience. Intelligent services will eventually form an eclectic technology ecosystem that moisturizes everything. “N” refers to several competence centers built by OPPO for a long time, including artificial intelligence, security and privacy, multimedia, interconnection, etc. “X” stands for OPPO’s differentiated technologies, including images, flash charging and new forms.

Transforming new technologies into good products requires continuous R&D investment and product polishing. To allow more consumers to experience good products, it is inseparable from the close cooperation between manufacturers, operators and distributors. OPPO Vice President and President of China, Liu Bo said in his keynote speech: “From 2012 to the present, OPPO and China Mobile have been cooperating for nearly 10 years. During this period, China Mobile’s sales of OPPO smart terminals have accumulated close to 300 million units. This year OPPO The A72, a best-selling 5G mobile phone built by China Mobile, has created a sales record for the pan-intelligent direct sales system.”

As the commercialization of 5G accelerates, OPPO will join hands with China Mobile to build a new ecosystem from both product and channel levels.

At the product level, OPPO is fully cooperating with China Mobile to promote the commercial work of 5G independent networking (SA). It has been pushed to a variety of models. In the future, it will continue to expand the range of cities to allow OPPO users to enjoy better 5G network services as soon as possible. . At the same time, OPPO also follows China Mobile’s multi-dimensional development of 5G services, and fully supports the development of innovative services such as 5G messaging, video ring back tones, and super SIM cards. Up to now, OPPO has pushed 5G news for the existing equity terminals, and new services such as video ring back tones and super SIM cards are also being coordinated and debugged.

At the channel level, offline entities have always been OPPO’s advantage. At present, there are 200,000 sales points in China, and nearly 100,000 supervisors and shopping guides have taken root. China Mobile has 300,000 offline sales points. Next, OPPO and China Mobile will jointly explore the in-depth cooperation of terminal stores, use big data technology, and further improve channel efficiency and scale through refined management and precise investment, and jointly create a boutique experience hall. At present, OPPO and China Mobile’s pan-intelligent terminal direct sales system have cooperated with more than 12,000 stores, and sales have increased 4.5 times from the previous month. At the business level, OPPO and China Mobile use their complementary channels to integrate OPPO 5G terminals, including mobile phones and IOT products, with multiple services such as mobile 5G integration packages, and comprehensively enhance 5G users and business development.

Faced with the uncertainty of the future market, OPPO will continue to work with China Mobile and partners to adhere to mutual trust and mutual benefit, win-win cooperation, and promote the integration of everything with the 3+N+X strategy.