OPPO joins hands with Deutsche Telekom, domestically produced mobile phones get another major breakthrough in overseas

After domestic smartphone manufacturers have captured India and Southeast Asia in the past few years, Europe has become the next important target for everyone in the global market. As a developed region in Europe, most consumers are not sensitive to the price of consumer electronics. Therefore, for many domestic manufacturers, the significance of conquering Europe is not only the expansion of sales, but also the affirmation of brand value.

Today, OPPO, another domestic manufacturer, announced that it has formally established a strategic partnership with DeutscheTelekom, a leading European telecom operator, and this month, OPPO Reno4 series 5G smartphones will pass Deutsche Telekom with Germany, Poland and the Netherlands. The meeting of consumers in the market signifies OPPO's deepening in the European market and is of great significance to its global market expansion.

Wu Qiang, Vice President of OPPO and President of Global Sales, said: “Europe has always been an important strategic highland for OPPO’s overseas market, and Germany is one of the keys to the European smartphone market. This year, we established the Western Europe region in Düsseldorf (Germany). Headquarters to improve local refined operations. With the advantages of 5G technology and products, OPPO will continue to strengthen cooperation with local operators including Deutsche Telekom, and become a popular smartphone brand for European consumers in the 5G era. Our top Products and services will join forces with Europe’s top networks to bring European users an unprecedented innovative experience."

Sean Seaton, senior vice president of Deutsche Telekom, also expressed his full recognition of OPPO's excellent product strength: "The powerful 5G capabilities of the OPPO Reno4 series, super night scene video, trendy appearance design, 65W super flash charging technology and smooth ColorOS software are also fully demonstrated. Thanks to OPPO’s outstanding product strength. We believe that the cooperation between Deutsche Telekom and OPPO will bring more innovative products and services to the European market, allowing consumers to enjoy a more extreme 5G experience in the future."

At present, OPPO has established cooperative relations with more than 80 major operators including Vodafone, KDDI, SoftBank and American Móvil, and has successively landed in markets such as Europe, Japan and Latin America. OPPO said it will continue to work with the world's leading operator partners to provide a high-quality 5G experience for a wider range of consumers.