Oppo K7 5g will return soon, carrying snapdragon 765G

It was reported on July 21 that oppo K7 5g, a new machine of oppo K series, will soon return to meet you.

Since the release of oppo K5 in October last year, there has been no news about the continuation of K series, and there are even rumors that the development of K series has been stopped. However, after more than nine months, the long-awaited new machine K7 has finally returned to the public view.

It is said that the configuration of oppo K7 5g is similar to that of the previous oppo model reno3 Yuanqi version. The machine will be equipped with high pass snapdragon 765G processor, 4025mah capacity battery and 30W fast charging. It will adopt a 6.4-inch 1080p + resolution OLED water drop screen and a 48mp vertical four camera lens in the rear. The whole fuselage tends to be light and thin.

In addition, this oppo K series focuses on cost performance. Previously, the price of oppo K series was below 2000 yuan (USD $286) , and its performance was excellent. It can be said that it is very close to the people, which shows oppo’s sincerity. For example, at present, the model carrying the high pass snapdragon 765G chip is only about 1399 yuan (USD $200) , which is a rare performance machine. In this way, the listing of oppo K7 is naturally popular.