OPPO K7 double 11 battle report released, and it will top the sales list of JD.com within one hour

At midnight on November 11, the last big promotion of Double 11 finally kicked off. As OPPO’s thousand-yuan 5G mobile phone, OPPO K7 performed well, and reached the top of the mobile phone sales list in the price range of 1,500 to 2,000 yuan (USD $286) on the JD platform within one hour of sale.

In August 2020, OPPO officially launched the OPPO K7, priced from 1999 yuan (USD $286) . OPPO K7, equipped with high-quality performance such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, three-dimensional liquid cooling technology and 30W VOOC flash charging, has become the best choice for game enthusiasts with its ultra-high quality and price. It has received high attention once it is released. During the Double 11 period, OPPO K7 is even more value-for-money, with an immediate discount of 300 yuan (USD $43) for a limited time, with a minimum of only 1699 yuan (USD $243) .

In terms of hardware, OPPO K7 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, using 7nm process, integrated dual-mode 5G SoC, lower power consumption and balanced performance during operation, with three-dimensional liquid cooling technology and 360° surround type The antenna design not only ensures the smooth and stable operation of players in the game, but also maintains an excellent game feel at all times.

In software, OPPO K7 adopts Link Boost 2.0 network acceleration function, which can use 5G network and Wi-Fi at the same time, which not only guarantees network speed, but also avoids disconnection caused by unilateral disconnection of mobile network or Wi-Fi. Problem, effectively reduce game delay and reduce data packet loss. Coupled with OPPO’s exclusive Hyper Boost 3.0 technology, it provides performance optimization solutions for a variety of mobile games, reduces loading time, and enhances frame rate stability.

In addition, OPPO K7 is also equipped with 30W VOOC flash charging 4.0, which supports flash charging while playing games/watching videos. It can charge both games/watching dramas and charging. It can be charged to 50% in 20 minutes, and it can be fully charged in 56 minutes. A K7 solves battery anxiety anytime and anywhere, and guarantees the player’s gaming experience in all aspects.

As a thousand-yuan 5G mobile phone, OPPO K7 brings more choices to users with its smooth running speed, stable network experience, and 30W VOOC flash charging. Its ultra-high quality-price ratio is also OPPO K7 is an important reason why it reached the top of JD.com’s price range of 1500~2000 yuan (USD $214) within one hour after its launch on 11.11. Currently, the Double Eleven promotion is still in progress. OPPO K7 will drop 300 yuan (USD $43) for a limited time, and only 1699 yuan (USD $243) will be handed in. You can get 3000 Jingdou or Tencent membership cards after you post the order.