OPPO mechanical dog experience: perception technology changes future life

OPPO is based on perception technology and brought a mechanical dog. This mechanical dog is the embodiment of OPPO’s perception technology. It integrates many advanced technologies and can realize the functions of following, avoiding obstacles, etc. The mechanical dog is full of black Technology.

OPPO's mechanical dog has a lens and a ToF sensor on the front, and has a lot of sensors that can recognize portraits and movements, have 3D modeling capabilities, recognize the leader after activation, and draw 3D maps in real time.

The leader can be correctly identified through the front lens, and the following image can be seen through the live demonstration video. The robot dog will always maintain a fixed distance when following and can correctly identify the direction to follow.

The mechanical dog can be activated through somatosensory actions, and the mechanical dog can also be allowed to move around, and the mechanical dog can also stop following through actions.

When someone intersperses in front of the mechanical dog, the mechanical dog can correctly identify who is the "master" and will not follow the wrong situation.

Not only is there a sensor on the front, but the OPPO robot dog has a 360-degree sensor on its body. It can not only recognize the front image, but also can sense objects that are close to the side.

In the standby state, if someone approaches, the mechanical dog will stamp its feet, which is also the function of the sensors around the mechanical dog.

OPPO's perception technology platform is more about technology display. Based on perception technology, it may be more used in AR, map modeling, intelligent control, etc. OPPO has been doing in-depth research in these aspects and applying these perception technologies in terminal products , Bring a more intelligent life experience.