OPPO Midea reached a strategic cooperation to jointly create a seamless smart life

On September 25, OPPO and Midea reached a strategic cooperation. The two parties will cooperate in-depth to jointly create a new intelligent ecosystem. In the future, OPPO’s terminal products will be fully integrated with Midea’s smart products, and Midea’s smart products may be connected to the OPPO smart ecosystem, and more users will be able to enjoy the convenience brought by the integration of everything.

Chen Mingyong, Founder and CEO of OPPO

Senior officials from both OPPO and Midea attended this strategic signing ceremony. OPPO founder and CEO Chen Mingyong said: “The implementation of the strategy of mutual integration of all things is inseparable from the co-creation of many partners. OPPO has always adhered to open cooperation and actively cooperates with partners to promote the development of the ecological development of all things. The cooperation of the two companies will definitely inject new imagination into the industry and create a new technological experience for users.

Fang Hongbo, Chairman and President of Midea Group, said: “Comprehensive digitization and intelligence are the current strategic focus of Midea. Next, Midea will work with OPPO in the construction of the entire ecosystem, user operations, improvement of user experience, and domestic and foreign market channels. Cooperate in development and other aspects to provide users with a better experience and more value-added.”

The cooperation between OPPO and Midea can bring users a direct experience improvement. At present, using Midea products with OPPO mobile phones and smart home apps can already achieve Breeno voice control, smart scenes, convenient services and other functions. Users who use Midea products can get smart and convenient operating experience. It is understood that the cumulative number of using Midea devices in the OPPO smart home APP has exceeded 10 million times, and the number of users covered by the cooperation between OPPO and Midea has reached 120 million.

In recent years, OPPO’s deployment in IoT has been very rapid. It has successively launched OPPO Enco series earphones, OPPO Watch smart watch series, OPPO Bands, OPPO 5G CPE T1 mobile routers and other products, covering different fields, which can also expand OPPO smart devices Application scenarios. As the home smart device center, OPPO smart TV will also arrive, further improving OPPO’s IoT ecological layout.

OPPO does not stop at its own products, OPPO will work with more partners to promote the IoT ecological layout. The HeyThings IoT platform launched by OPPO is a window of cooperation. Since its launch, it has covered more than 30 brands, more than 50 categories, and more than 300 SKUs.

This cooperation between OPPO and Midea is of benchmarking significance and will help OPPO to rapidly expand the IoT ecosystem and bring more users a smarter and better life experience.