OPPO official blog post poster, Find X2 is expected to become Han Han's same machine

OPPO official today issued two "same frequency" suspense posters with keywords such as "exploration" and "unlimited speed".

According to the OPPO poster, you can guess that the new top user of Find X2 is probably Han Han. Han Han is an explorer who is a writer, racer and director in a variety of roles. Capturing top players like Han Han undoubtedly underscores OPPO Find X's determination to explore products and stand high-end.

After entering the 5G era, many brands are arguing about high resolution and high refresh rate, etc. The OPPO Find X2 series has submitted its own answer sheet through QHD + (3K) resolution 120Hz screen. In addition, this screen also supports up to 1200nit local brightness and 10bit color depth, and the color accuracy has reached the level of JNCD≈0.4.

With the above parameters, the OPPO Find X2 series can not only achieve HDR10 and higher resolution video display, but even the color accuracy performance can be compared with many professional-level monitors, which can meet the needs of professional content creators on the screen.

When it comes to content creation, I have to say that OPPO Find X2 is a three-camera system that is anti-trend. Different from the current practice of forcing four-camera shooting on many brands, although the OPPO Find X2 series uses a rear three-camera shooting, none of the cameras exists.

Among them, OPPO Find X2 Pro debuts a 1 / 1.4-inch outsole IMX689 sensor with 48 million pixels, supporting full-pixel dual-core focusing and native ISO image stabilization technology. Able to achieve F1.7 aperture and up to 12bit ultra-fine image acquisition. OPPO Find X2 will debut the native 16: 9 Sony IMX708 sensor, which can bring users a better video shooting experience.

The rear three-camera system used by the OPPO Find X2 series is abnormal. Not only does not have a single camera, but both the standard version and the Pro version have their own strengths. It can be said that they are different explorations in the field of imaging. After the release, DxOMark gave the camera a total of 124 points, ranking first in the overall list, which proves the powerful imaging strength of Find X2 Pro.

In terms of software, the OPPO Find X2 series uses the latest ColorOS 7.1 system, supports UI FIRST, and uses OPPO's self-developed industry's first memory anti-fragmentation engine, which can reduce the application's splash screen, freeze, and flashback probability by 93%.

As the first 5G flagship series of OPPO in 2020, OPPO Find X2 undoubtedly delivered an excellent answer through sincere hardware and software, which also shows OPPO's determination to cultivate high-end flagships.

In 2011, the "Find Me" commercial directed by "Little Lizi" was a great success, which also showed the high-end road of the OPPO Find series. This year, successively obtaining top users such as Oscar King, Freckles, etc., represents OPPO's harvesting ability in the high-end market, and OPPO's determination to continue to explore the functional experience of different dimensions of smartphones, bringing users top flagship products.

As stated in the OPPO poster, the flagship will never have a speed limit on the track, and the OPPO Find series will also be one of the dark horses.