OPPO official latest warm-up: short words suggest that Find X3 will lead a new wave of design

Entering 2021, a new round of battle for Android machine king will come again. Among the many flagships to be released soon, the most popular one is undoubtedly the OPPO Find X3 series. Last year’s Find 2 series explored the ultimate screen display experience, bringing 120Hz + 1 billion colors + 3K QHD+ super-sensing screen, and therefore won the Sina “2020 Science and Technology Billboard” annual best flagship award, which can not help people look forward to this year What surprises will the Find X3 series bring us?

Recently, foreign media also exposed multiple high-definition renderings of suspected Find X3. According to the renderings, it can be seen that this OPPO new phone has once again innovated the back design. The back matrix four-camera lens module is slightly convex, and the lens part and the back cover are integrated design, which is similar to the current mobile phone design. Very different. But if you want to make your mobile phone extremely thin and light, the bulge of the camera is inevitable. In this case, it is a test of the design optimization ability of mobile phone manufacturers. As a design master in the mobile phone industry, OPPO is the least need to worry about appearance design. I believe OPPO will bring us an excellent feel, high The top flagship of recognition.

It is worth mentioning that after the renderings spread, OPPO officials also made a strong and brief response: “# Impossible Surface# See you in March”. While the official announcement that the Find X3 series will be released in March, the “impossible surface” has left suspense for the new machine’s body design.

In addition, the well-known digital blogger @i冰宇宙 also broke the news about the OPPO Find X3’s engineering machine running scores. In the Antutu running test (normal temperature environment), it got the highest score of 770,000 points, becoming the highest running score at the moment. Snapdragon 888 new machine. And this is only an engineering machine, I believe that after OPPO’s long-term optimization and tuning, Find X3 will bring stronger performance and run higher scores.

In terms of images, OPPO officials have previously confirmed that it will be equipped with the OPPO full-link color management system for the first time on Find X3 to achieve full-link 10bit picture and video shooting. In this new 5G era, shooting has become a battleground for major manufacturers. Therefore, the Find X3 series is expected to bring an outsole sensor like the previous flagship to meet users’ all-round needs in the shooting process. .

In addition to performance, appearance design and imaging functions, Find X3’s battery life, gaming experience, screen and other aspects are also worth looking forward to. As a user experience-centric manufacturer, OPPO is bound to work hard in these aspects to bring a A more mature flagship product. In addition, for this year’s flagship, OPPO founder Chen Mingyong also stated that the Find X3 released in the first quarter will be the “ideal for ten years” that unlocks the future, and the “pioneering work” for the strong breakthrough of the OPPO brand.