OPPO portrait video technology system released, see you in December

Today, OPPO brings you a brand-new FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system. This system can effectively enhance the effect of portrait video shooting. This is also the industry's first portrait video technology system, bringing a brand new portrait video shooting experience. According to the information disclosed at the conference, new products equipped with OPPO FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system will meet with you in December.

The OPPO FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system mainly includes two engines for perception of portraits and image quality enhancement. Through dual-engine combination optimization, it can present better portrait images.

The first is the perceptual portrait engine. The perceptual portrait engine adopts a deep separable convolution model, which can achieve higher accuracy detection results. Simply put, it can achieve faster and more accurate AI face detection. At the same time, the algorithm will mark 296 key points in the face area to distinguish facial features and contour details. The detection of faces and face key points can be said to be the basis for optimization of other algorithms.

After successfully recognizing human faces and key areas, the perceptual portrait engine will use algorithms to achieve AI ultra-clear portraits. By enhancing the face and adjacent areas, the clarity of the face can be significantly improved, and details such as eyebrows and hair strands are more expressive.

After completing the face detection and improving the clarity, with the support of the OFL skin quality optimization algorithm, the skin performs better and the portrait complexion is better. Through OFL skin quality optimization algorithm algorithm, AI can also realize the function of blemish removal. It is worth mentioning that the skin quality optimization algorithm will only remove acquired blemishes such as spots, acne, and bags under the eyes. Natural features such as moles of tears will be preserved. While beautifying the face, it also retains the feature recognition, which will not be the same.

OPPO FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system also optimizes the correction and optimization of facial distortion, which not only effectively reduces the impact of distortion on the picture, but also maintains the natural and real background picture.

In addition to the above perceptual portrait engine optimization, the picture quality enhancement engine will also be used to improve the picture performance. With the help of the image quality enhancement engine, it can ensure that users can easily shoot satisfactory images in different scenes.

The image quality enhancement engine upgrades the anti-shake algorithm. A new generation of super anti-shake algorithm is added to the scene detection process. By capturing the data of the gyroscope, accelerometer and Sensor, the motion trajectory, attitude and exposure are judged separately, and then different scenes are distinguished Matching different anti-shake strategies, the anti-shake effect is better, and stable pictures can be taken.

The super night scene video first released in the Reno4 series has also been upgraded. The image quality enhancement engine integrates the night scene video and HDR algorithm, which can bring more transparent and better-looking night scene video effects. Not only is the night shooting effect better, the new generation of fusion algorithms can also improve the shooting effect in scenes with large light ratios, and the picture transparency and purity have been significantly improved.

The FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system released today can be used as a strong support for OPPO imaging products. The exclusive portrait video optimization function and excellent comprehensive screen performance can bring new surprises to users who like to shoot videos. OPPO's algorithm optimization released this time will also be gradually opened to third-party platforms. You can also experience the advantages of OPPO technology blessing on third-party platforms.

The OPPO FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system not only allows users to take beautiful videos of people and beautiful scenery, but is also likely to drive the development of the industry and lead the industry into a new track for portrait shooting. Interested friends can pay attention to the new products that OPPO will release in December.