OPPO released New Year's luminous guide: teach you to choose a gift

There are only 10 days left in January, which means that the Chinese New Year that everyone is looking forward to is coming. New ones must have a new look, so we must choose gifts with a New Year’s taste and not too ordinary. The domestic mobile phone manufacturer OPPO has paid special attention to this aspect. It not only launched the Reno5 Pro “Blessing of God” animated New Year limited co-branded gift box, but also deliberately opened the Reno5 series New Year Festival today, bringing us the “New Year Luminous Guide” poster. , Teach us how to choose gifts in the new year.

According to OPPO’s official introduction, this is a New Year’s Grand Canal. It’s so beautiful that it won’t stop taking pictures, and it’s a guide for everything to be super smooth. What brings such good luck is the new Reno5 series, which provides 10 highlights. Appearance is one of the important reference factors for everyone to buy a machine, and OPPO is an expert in this respect. The Reno5 series body adopts a new star diamond technology, and its surface is composed of a pyramid-shaped crystal structure, which brings extremely high brilliance. , And it can show different colors under different lighting angles. It is definitely a good face to take it out in the New Year.

As a 5G mobile phone that focuses on image shooting, the Reno5 series is also equipped with the FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system exclusively developed by OPPO, which supports functions such as AI radiant video beauty and AI video enhancement. The former brings eight-fold 100-level video beauty, which will make you glow from the inside out in the New Year. The latter is a combination of video super night scene and LiveHDR function, which can take natural and clear pictures no matter day or night. In the new year, it is inevitable to take more photos and Vlog to record the good life. The Reno5 series can provide up to 12+256GB of storage combination, allowing users to cherish these memories.

During the Chinese New Year, it is also an indispensable entertainment project to open black with family and friends. In terms of gaming experience, OPPO has brought a lightning start function to the Reno5 series in response to the pain point of the game starting too long. Thanks to this feature, the Reno5 series only takes 757ms to open the Honor of the king, which is indeed much faster than other phones with a length of 18817ms. In addition, the Reno5 series also introduces a five-dimensional game experience for the user’s five major game pain points: control, screen, atmosphere, immersion, and fun. Through optimization and upgrade, the Reno5 series’ 90Hz high refresh screen allows users to play Have more fun.

In terms of battery life, the three models of the Reno5 series are equipped with large batteries, and there is also a 65W super flash charging blessing, which can fully charge the phone in more than 30 minutes. In addition, in order to enhance the fluency of mobile phones, all Reno5 series are equipped with the new ColorOS 11.1 system, which can achieve 30 months without lag.

In terms of price, in order to give back to fans in the New Year, OPPO has opened the Reno5 series New Year Festival. The Reno5 series starts at only 2,999 yuan (USD $428) , and there are also 24 interest-free gifts for a limited time, and the whole point is also “God’s Blessing” co-branded peripherals Don’t miss out on other special offers.