OPPO Reno Ace 2 positioning thin and light performance machine, the whole machine weighs only 190g

Although it is very difficult for 5G mobile phones to be thin and light, given that there are still many consumers in the market that are not able to accept heavy 5G mobile phones, manufacturers have not given up in the direction of thinner and lighter.

Weibo netizen @ 数码 闲聊 站 broke the news this morning that OPPO's upcoming Reno Ace 2 weighs around 190g, which is a rare high-performance thin and light 5G mobile phone in China this year. It seems that OPPO has a very deep obsession with frivolity.

At present, most of the thin and light 5G mobile phones on the market use mid-range processors, so the battery capacity and the size of the cooling module can be reduced to reduce weight. However, Reno Ace is a high-performance hard core product, and the Snapdragon 865 mobile platform cannot be saved. In order to reduce weight, it can only start from other aspects.

This netizen also gave 4 choices for everyone to guess, there is no wireless charging, 3800mAh small battery, new material shell and mysterious black technology.

The first is wireless charging. Although OPPO has 30W wireless charging technology, it is unlikely that it will appear on Reno Ace 2. After all, the flagship Find X2 series does not have wireless charging. The possibility that the battery capacity is too small is not great, even for a 4G mobile phone, less than 4000mAh can cause battery life anxiety.

To ensure the user experience, the battery of OPPO Reno Ace 2 should not be too small. The rest is a matter of materials. On the mobile phone, the plastic body is obviously lighter than the metal body. I wonder if the Reno Ace 2 will use plastic materials in a large range?

Although the plastic material will affect the texture of the phone, if the other aspects of the phone can be done well, this is not a good product, combined with the Oreo IMX586 quad camera with Reno Ace 2 and a high refresh rate screen. You can look forward to the performance of OPPO Reno Ace 2.