OPPO Reno4 Pro embarks on a new journey with you

September is approaching, the nostalgic summer vacation is about to go away, and the student party is returning to campus. To welcome the upcoming campus life, do you want to give yourself a gift? A mobile phone may be a good choice. Reno4 Pro may wish to consider it. OPPO also provides a discount for the opening season for Canton University students. The new semester will let it embark on a new journey with you. /p>

From August 29th to September 13th, college students or college entrance examination candidates who have passed Alipay certification will be able to enjoy exclusive purchase discounts for students. In addition to the familiar Reno4 Pro with discounts, there are also other models participating in offline activities during the school season. Including the flagship Find X2 series and the highly cost-effective A92s, the student package can enjoy a discount of 300-500 yuan (USD $43) , and there are 12 installments, and a trade-in event with a maximum of 1,000 yuan (USD $143) is waiting for you to participate.

The appearance of Reno4 Pro is very sophisticated, which is more in line with the aesthetics of young people. It has four colors of crystal diamond red, crystal diamond blue, dream mirror black and titanium blank, each of which is a youthful color. The color scheme of each style is different, revealing a completely different temperament. The workmanship of the Reno4 Pro’s body is also very good, using Reno Glow crystal diamond technology, repeated carving, will make the million-level flash diamond crystal surface condensed into one, giving you a shining texture like a galaxy.

Reno4 Pro also has an amazing imaging system. It uses a mainstream rear three-camera design, including a 48 million high-definition main camera, a 12 million ultra-wide-angle night scene video lens, and a 13 million telephoto lens, which can meet various shooting needs , Whether it’s hiking with classmates or taking a beautiful selfie vlog in the dormitory, it can help record the wonderful college life. Among them, the 12 million ultra-wide-angle night scene video lens is equipped with a Sony IMX708 ultra-wide-angle lens, which is an industry-leading 120° field of view. With the super night scene video technology, the video performance is excellent.

Reno4 Pro is equipped with 65W super flash charging technology, which can be quickly charged to more than 60% in 15 minutes, realizing “charging for 5 minutes, flashing for 4 hours”, and it can fully charge 4000mAh battery capacity in 36 minutes. Regardless of whether you are playing black, watching dramas, or making videos, Reno4 Pro can basically keep you online and happy.

The Reno4 Pro’s body is also very slim, with a thickness of only 7.6mm and a weight of only 172g. No matter where you go, it will not become a burden to you, and will become your most loyal and reliable partner.

Reno4 Pro uses a 6.5-inch hyperboloid flexible OLED screen with a resolution of 2400*1080, reaching 2K level. In addition, it also supports 90Hz refresh rate and 180Hz touch sampling rate, and has passed HDR10+ certification and German Rheinland low blue light certification. Give you a real, delicate and smooth experience.

In addition to offline store activities, Reno4 Pro, in order to go on a new journey with everyone, especially started the carnival in the OPPO Jingdong self-operated live broadcast room, which lasted for six days! There are many generous gifts waiting for you, including big red envelopes, hairy crabs, smart Bands, smart balance bikes, etc. In addition, the Super Flash School Party will be opened at 8pm on the 31st, and the “Sons of Tomorrow” OPPO Super Flash Club will also be officially born. The super lineup will call for Reno4 Pro.