OPPO Reno4 Pro meets with you, super flash opening season

It was the end of August in a blink of an eye, and September was the beginning of the school season. In this special year this year, your school season must be extremely shining. OPPO Jingdong’s self-operated live broadcast room has recently launched a super flash opening school season discount event. The super flash opening season event will last for six days. There will be a super flash opening party live broadcast on the 31st of this month. OPPO has prepared a series of Discounts are waiting for you to shine in your opening season. You who are shining need a super flash phone to help you shine this school season.

OPPO Reno4 Pro is such a super flash phone. Its back cover is made of the unique “Reno Glow crystal diamond process”. Compared with the traditional AG glass process, the Reno Glow crystal diamond process can greatly improve the easy adhesion of fingerprints on the back cover. , Matte is not transparent. The surface of the AG glass processed by the Reno Glow crystal diamond process has more than one million micron-level prism surface crystal pits. Under the light, the reflected light effect of these crystal pits flashes like countless stars; it shines like you in the first season , As charming as your youthful vitality. Combined with the AF anti-fingerprint film on the surface, the three-dimensional and smooth touch is immediately revealed without leaving fingerprints. Just like your shining youth, clean and neat. To create a super flash feel for you, and bring you a sparkling visual enjoyment.

The super flash you need a truly “super flash” mobile phone. The Reno4 series is equipped with 65W super flash charging technology, which can quickly charge to more than 60% in 15 minutes, realizing “5 minutes of charging, 4 hours of drama”, and a 4000mAh battery capacity can be fully charged in 36 minutes. Your time is very precious. OPPO Reno4 Pro’s super flash charging speed will save you time and become a super flash you.

OPPO Reno4 Pro has a professional ultra-wide-angle night scene video lens IMX708, and joins the moonlight night scene video algorithm, and has the blessing of laser focusing technology. Whether walking through the bustling city or wandering in the late-night canteen, you can shoot unexpectedly bright and colorful. In the night, you can also record the super flash.

From now on, OPPO Jingdong’s self-operated live broadcast room will open a lot of benefits and promotions, various coupons, big red envelopes and even balance bikes and hairy crabs are waiting for you. And at the opening party of the super flash at 8pm on the 31st, the vitality of the OPPO super flash club is coming! You can scan the QR code now, buy a super flash OPPO Reno4 Pro for you in the OPPO Jingdong self-operated live broadcast room, and enjoy various benefits.