OPPO Reno6 series is only the beginning of many benefits to make June even hotter

The college entrance examination scores are becoming the hottest topic at the moment. Many students who have achieved excellent results also expressed their gratitude to the OPPO college entrance examination gas station they encountered during the college entrance examination.

During the college entrance examination, OPPO customer service set up 1,100 gas stations for college entrance examinations in 274 cities across the country, providing waiting parents with a bottle of mineral water, a place to enjoy the coolness, and a fuel pack for the candidates. After the exam, the students took photos with OPPO mobile phones and became a unique way for them to record this special moment.

Flash Carnival escort the experience of using the machine

This June, OPPO users were a bit “busy”.

After the college entrance examination gas station, the OPPO Flash Carnival also arrived as scheduled. It coincided with the Dragon Boat Festival, OPPO Membership Day, and Father’s Day. OPPO services carefully created the Flash Dragon Boat Festival (June 12-15) and Flash Member Day (June 16 -18), Flash O School (June 19-20) three major events.

If the college entrance examination gas station is a dialogue between OPPO and young people, then the Flash Carnival has made friends with the silver-haired people.

In Flash O School, OPPO officially launched the “Fraud Prevention Handbook for Parents” that was compiled in accordance with the current situation of mobile phone fraud, especially for parents of the silver-haired family, by letting them understand the current mobile phone fraud traps and OPPO’s Mobile phone defense measures, build a solid “firewall” that can be used with confidence.

A user who accompanied his father to participate said: “I have always wanted to let the elderly learn to use mobile phones, so that life communication is much more convenient, but nowadays, there are endless telecommunications frauds. We are sometimes confused, let alone them. This time OPPO’s Teaching is quite timely.”


In addition to the warmth part, the many game experiences of the Shining Dragon Boat Festival are also full of participation. During the flash member day, OPPO invited users to “Sweep Wool” activity, and many users said that this carnival was “hi”.


Two major services join hands to achieve freedom of play

Offline activities are very lively, and online services are also being launched simultaneously. Iteration of mobile phone performance has already made users feel the power of technology, but the “one-piece top-fitting” mobile phone also allows users to say that in the event of an accident, it is not the screen that breaks, but our hearts.

To this end, OPPO deliberately launched the OPPO Care+ service to provide users with three hard-core guarantees including: one-year warranty for the whole machine, one-year extended warranty and battery renewal services. So that users no longer need to use the phone carefully, and no longer have to keep a power bank when the battery of the phone is aging, and truly get the freedom to play the phone.

Not only that, from June 21st to June 27th, OPPO also launched an exclusive flash rights event for Reno series users. Users can enjoy free replacement of original headsets and customized membranes at 200 designated customer service centers across the country. , New product flash guard, peer flash cleaning, 9.9 yuan (USD $1) back film and many other intimate services. After experiencing such a set of services, the mobile phone has been renewed from the inside to the outside.

Service makes friends with OPPO users in the age of king

OPPO scored full marks for its “sense of existence” in June, and many benefits also show that OPPO continues to work hard on services. In an era when service is king, from mobile phone brands to life partners, OPPO uses mobile phones as the connection point, and truly allows itself to run through the entire life cycle of users’ mobile phones.


More importantly, OPPO has found the right entry point for the service, starting from friends with users, starting from the details of mobile phone use, from free replacement of mobile phone membranes to “insurance” on mobile phones to paying attention to the safety of elderly users and young people. The group college entrance examination service solves the user’s pain points from shallow to deep. This kind of service level is also the internal reason why OPPO gets more users’ likes.