Oppo shows again in ChinaJoy: the first off-line show of 125w surface strongest flash charging technology

On July 31, 2020, oppo officially appeared at the 18th China joy international digital interactive entertainment Exhibition (China joy) with the theme of “dare to rush and enjoy yourself”. Oppo exhibited 125w super flash charging technology for the first time. At the same time, the game experience of coloros has been moved to reality like a flying horse. The audience can experience oppo’s leading fast charging technology and the humanized experience brought by coloros in the game through relaxed and pleasant interaction. It is worth mentioning that there was also a wonderful hot dance brought by Fan Wei, a popular player of “creation 101”, and sky also appeared at the oppo booth to compete hand speed with product managers and audience, which was extremely rich and wonderful.

Coloros released “super game report” on site to compete with sky

At the beginning of the exhibition, oppo coloros brought surprise to everyone and released the new function of the game “super play report”. “Super play report” can help users understand their own performance after the game. At the same time, the system visually displays the user’s operation frequency and effective range through the hot area distribution map, so as to help users improve their operation awareness. At the event, Sky and OPPO product managers and spectators came to the competition, and the “super Kwai tat” function faithfully recorded the operation data, showing Sky’s ultra fast hand speed. For mobile game players who want to improve their own level, the results of “super play battle report” are of great reference significance.

In addition, there will be detailed data on the network situation and fuselage performance in the game. Users can decide whether to open the network acceleration and mobile E-sports mode according to these statistics, so as to have a more stable game experience. It can be said that the existence of “super game report” enables ordinary users to experience more professional game statistics, so as to adjust their game environment and operation mode, and obtain higher winning rate.

At the same time, the appearance of “super play battle report” has further improved the game experience of coloros, which, together with the functions of “game barrage”, “game pre download” and “4D game vibration”, provides users with a more immersive and professional game environment.

125w super flash charging line debut, the fastest 20 minutes to fill the phone

Oppo has been investing a lot in research and development of flash charging technology, continuously improving charging efficiency and reducing charging time. Oppo also brought the 125w super flash charging technology released not long ago to the scene, and for the first time publicly demonstrated the efficient charging of super flash charging. Under the premise of mobile phone temperature ≤ 40 ℃, it can be charged with equivalent 4000mAh battery energy as soon as 20 minutes, and under the extreme conditions, it can be fully charged in 13 minutes. In addition, 65W Wireless Flash charger and 50W ultra flash biscuit charger released together with 125w super flash charger are also on display.

The appearance of 125w super flash charging, 65W Wireless Flash charging and more portable 50W super flash biscuit charger fully demonstrate oppo’s exploration and development in the frontier science and technology field. As of April 2020, oppo has applied for more than 2700 patents in the field of fast charging, which has enabled more than 157 million users around the world to appreciate the charm of fast flash charging. With the new upgrade of oppo flash charging platform, oppo will also realize a more full scene charging solution, bringing more imagination space for the future development of “everything can flash charge”.

GAODA and EVA customized machines appeared one after another, IOT cooperated with coloros to burst out wonderful game experience

In addition to showing muscle, oppo is also more popular with young consumers in the scene layout. There are all kinds of customized machines of GAODA and EVA series that you like to see. At the same time, the popular elements in “Honor of the king” are also dotted with the oppo booth, showing a more game atmosphere.

“Super equipment reservoir area”, the audience can not only “eat chicken” online, but also feel the different vibrations brought by different guns in 4D game vibe 2.0. To our surprise, oppo has also set up a series of experience areas, such as “super power equipment warehouse”, “flash charging energy station”, “sound transformation Institute” and “super game intelligence bureau”. The audience can participate in the interaction and experience the game experience of coloros.

If you want to disguise your voice as a little brother or sister, don’t miss the “voice change institute”. Here, the audience can change the voice of “luoliyin”, “yujieyin” and “male anchor” in an instant. Even the most familiar friends can’t identify your real identity. The excellent game functions of coloros are also fully presented here. Hyper boost 3.0, game bullet screen, breeno game voice assistant, game customized voice pack, etc. bring different experience to the audience.

At the same time, the audience participating in the “sound change institute” may find that the noisy exhibition area becomes quiet when wearing the oppo enco W51 noise reduction headset. This is because W51 adopts a dual active noise reduction scheme, with a maximum noise reduction depth of 35dB, which can isolate the audience from external disturbances and create a sufficient sense of game immersion.

In addition to the W51, oppo also brought the oppo enco W31 real wireless headset for the water friends participating in the stage game. Wearing W31 to play games can not feel the slightest delay, which is the unique charm of mobile phone manufacturers. Mobile phone, headset and three terminal link optimization are used to reduce the delay to 94ms by W31 simultaneous interpreting and supporting ColorOS for second speed pairing. In addition, with the features of noise reduction, ergonomic design, IP54 dust-proof and water-proof, and 15 hours of super endurance, W31 has become a must-have chicken eating weapon for game players. Once released, it has become a popular item in the real wireless headset.

With the development of software and hardware, oppo gradually established a complete product ecology

Oppo’s performance in ChinaJoy shows that oppo has entered from multiple perspectives, such as mobile terminals, IOT devices, coloros system and flash charging technology, bringing users increasingly complete and excellent use experience. At the same time, oppo is constantly exploring new user needs, increasing R & D investment, expanding ecological boundaries and improving the layout. In the future, oppo will present more humanized and technological products to users, which is worth looking forward to.