OPPO Smart TV opens appointment: ultra-narrow bezel shocking vision

Today OPPO released a warm-up poster for the new OPPO smart TV, with the text "Leave a "suspense" for you, just ask if you are floating! "This also implies that OPPO smart TVs may adopt a floating screen design.

According to the information on the poster, the OPPO Smart TV will be officially released on October 19. Thanks to the floating screen design, the OPPO smart TV has a very narrow screen frame, presenting a comprehensive screen design with shocking visual perception.

At the end of last month, a video released by @OPPO智美生活 also revealed that the smart TV will be equipped with a camera module on the top. I believe this camera will bring more new ways to users.

OPPO has previously revealed that OPPO smart TV will be the content ecological entrance of all things in the family scene, this time OPPO will bring system-level new gameplay through this product.

It can be seen that OPPO intends to use OPPO smart TV as the core of the future large-screen scene and the core entrance of the future smart home, and to strengthen the connection between smart terminals, which is quite worth looking forward to.

At present, OPPO smart TV has opened an appointment on JD.com. There are three models to choose from, namely: R1-55 inch, R1-65 inch, and S1-65 inch.