OPPO Wallet becomes the first mobile wallet to access digital RMB

Recently, the digital life platform OPPO Wallet successfully launched a “sub-wallet” in the Digital RMB App, becoming the only mobile wallet in the mobile phone industry that is connected to the Digital RMB App. It currently supports online consumption scenarios such as direct charging of phone bills.

Starting on June 30, Beijing Rail Transit will start a test of the experience of swiping the gates of the digital renminbi payment channel for the entire network. Through the Yitongxing App, users can participate in the digital renminbi payment swipe gate ride experience test on 24 subway operating lines and 4 suburban railways. Up to now, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Changsha and other cities in China can use digital renminbi to ride the subway/bus.

At present, OPPO wallet has supported the use of digital renminbi in multiple online and offline payment scenarios. In the online scenario, OPPO wallet is used as a digital life platform, and the platform has various digital life small and medium-sized such as recharge, bus travel, food delivery, etc. High-frequency payment scenarios; in offline scenarios, OPPO wallet has supported digital renminbi payment scenarios in mobile phone stores in multiple cities, and consumers can complete digital renminbi payments offline.

In December 2020, Suzhou launched a digital RMB red envelope pilot during the “Double Twelve” period. OPPO is one of the companies that support digital renminbi consumption in this pilot. Consumers can spend without threshold in many offline OPPO stores in Suzhou City. OPPO has provided a digital RMB payment experience consistent with existing payment methods by upgrading the cash register in the store.

During the New Year’s Day of 2021, the People’s Government of Futian District, Shenzhen launched a digital RMB red envelope pilot program and launched a 20 million “Futian Gifted Digital RMB Red Packet” campaign. OPPO provides multi-scenario support for the strategic partner Huantai Digital for this digital RMB red envelope. Consumers can use the digital RMB red envelope for non-threshold consumption in many OPPO stores in Shenzhen.