OPPO Watch experience: smart watch with flash charge + 50 meters waterproof will become magic

Since the conference has been busy, finally I can take out the OPPO Watch today. As the debut with its flagship Find X2 Pro, it represents an important milestone for OPPO in the layout of the IoT market. OPPO Watch claims to have 42 structural patents. Regardless of its functional composition or waterproof performance, this smart watch also aligns with the APPLE Watch of the first echelon. In fact, as early as 2014, OPPO launched the smart Band O-Band, and naturally has a unique understanding of smart wearable devices.

OPPO Watch is divided into two versions of 46mm and 41mm. Here you get the 46mm shiny black version. In addition to the watch, the package is the standard VOOC flash charging base.

The design of the hyperboloid screen and aluminum alloy case adopted by OPPO Watch looks more rich in texture and technology. This 1.91-inch AMOLED flexible screen has a pixel density of 326PPI. Coupled with supporting 100% P3 wide color gamut, the display effect is a big killer in the competition.

OPPO Watch has speakers on the left and two buttons on the right + microphone. The case has no additional openings. This is due to the support of eSIM, without the SIM card can also achieve independent call, send and receive text messages. OPPO Watch is 11.35 mm thick and weighs 40 grams, which meets the current standards for thin and light smart watches.

Unlike the popular knob design, which is closer to the operating habits of mobile phones, the right side of the OPPO Watch case is a menu button and a power button. The power button can set shortcut functions, such as double-click to start Alipay or bank card payment. However, there is a problem. This power button can only brighten the screen and not turn off the screen. I feel that this option can be added in subsequent updates.

The dial design is the soul of the watch, and on the smart watch, the dial represents the level of playability. Therefore, manufacturers will provide a large number of exquisite dials, and even open third-party designs. OPPO is well versed in design. In addition to more than ten built-in dials, OPPO Watch also brings AI wear dials.

Traditional watches, according to different occasions and different clothing, require different styles. As a wearable product, smart watches naturally have a wearable property. The AI wear dial function solves this problem very well. Through the mobile phone camera, OPPO Watch can capture the color and pattern of the current dress, and automatically generate a personalized and uniform dial with AI.

These dials are not only good-looking. From the perspective of stylish atmospheres and textures, this function is likely to be based on big data of fashion apparel design. I believe that it can reflect the personal taste of dressing well. The key to generate a key does not require brainpower.

Like wearing a magical dial, OPPO Watch's one-touch removable strap design is equally eye-catching. Unlike the raw-ear needle strap that requires tools, the OPPO Watch uses a snap-in design that is easy to replace. In terms of wearing, the standard fluororubber strap is really skin-friendly and feels refreshing. But the softness is a bit lacking, and you need to concentrate when wearing it.

The detection of health data and the recording of exercise data are the core functions of smart watches. For this OPPO Watch uses a 4-channel optical heart rate sensor. The larger recognition area allows the heart rate to be accurately detected even in different positions and postures of the arms.

In addition to the heart rate sensor, OPPO Watch also includes a total of 5 professional sensors including a tri-axis acceleration sensor to achieve accurate detection of motion data.

Based on the combination of sensors, OPPO Watch now supports four types of sports: running, walking, swimming, and cycling. The classification of running types is the most detailed, and is not a simple record, but has a guiding nature. For different personal needs, such as improving physical fitness, daily exercise, and fat loss, OPPO Watch can provide customized solutions.

These sports solutions are supported by GoMore. OPPO Watch is also the first smart wearable device supported by GoMore to provide professional AI motion algorithms in China after GoMore has reached an exclusive cooperation with CISS (National Institute of Physical Education and Sports). AI will personalize the running plan according to the user's fitness level to avoid running injuries and sports fatigue.

OPPO Watch will also indicate the state of exercise through voice and vibration, just like a sparring reminder in time during running.

Friends who like swimming can also easily record the distance, and OPPO Watch supports water resistance of 50 meters and above (41mm supports 3 ATM). You don't need to worry about water entering when swimming and wearing. The OPPO Watch also has a swimming mode to avoid the problem of accidental contact in the water. PS: Although the wearable device is waterproof, diving in the sea is still not recommended, after all, seawater is corrosive.

As for some training sports, OPPO Watch provides support through sports apps such as Gollum. However, due to the relationship between engineering samples, this type of motion recording by identifying hand movements is temporarily unavailable. Personally, I think OPPO Watch can add some basic training movements to the system, providing functions such as sedentary movements and stretching the body.

On the system side, OPPO Watch uses ColorOS Watch OS. In addition to being able to send and receive text messages via eSIM, it also supports NFC payment, Alipay, Breeno AI voice, listening to music, chatting with QQ, photo album, etc. The existing APP can already support daily use, but if more APPs such as WeChat and navigation support can be added, the experience of OPPO Watch will be fuller.

OPPO Watch has a built-in 430mAh battery, which has a good battery life. After 100% fully charged and connected to the phone via Bluetooth, the continuous working time is about 1 hour and 4 hours, and the remaining power is 37%, which is about two days to charge. Thanks to the support of VOOC flash charging, the standard charging base can charge nearly 50% in 15 minutes. I believe this is also the fastest charging smart watch in the world.

The 41mm and 46mm OPPO Watch are priced at 1499 yuan (USD $214) and 1999 yuan (USD $286) , respectively. From the perspective of waterproof performance, endurance, and charging speed, individuals prefer the 46mm version. Compared with other brands of smart watches on the market, OPPO Watch is only cheaper than Apple, compared with other friends in the Android formation, the price is relatively higher. It is not difficult to find that although this is the first smart watch, OPPO still adopts a boutique strategy for the IoT market. The support of hyperboloid glass, AI wear dial, and eSIM really makes people feel the persistent pursuit and sincerity of OPPO Watch in experience.