Oppo works with James Jean to create reno4 Pro artist Limited Edition

Early in the morning of August 14, oppo announced that James Jean, a joint artist, would bring the reno4 Pro artist limited edition. It also released a warm-up poster and revealed that it would appear next Monday.

James Jean is a world-famous artist, illustrator and designer. He combines all kinds of elements from the East and the West. His style is magnificent and advanced, contains rich imagination, and is full of romantic fantasy and mythical artistic conception. He is unique among contemporary artists. His works are well received by international publications, famous brands and fashion circles. He has cooperated with Prada, Nike and Disney for a long time. His works have been published in the New York Times, Time magazine and rolling stone.

James jean has created movie posters for many films, such as water story, blade killer 2049, Pan’s labyrinth, etc. He has won seven “eisenna awards” (the highest honor in the American cartoon industry, known as the Oscar in the cartoon industry), three “Harvey awards” and other industry famous awards, enjoying a high international reputation and status. In particular, the cooperation with Prada has attracted much attention. Since the launch of the special edition handbag with James illustration, including Oscar winner Tilda Swinton, Golden Globe actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, French actress Catherine Deneuve, singers Hilary Duff, Yu Feihong, Song Xi, Zhong Chuxi, Du Juan and other stars and artists have been very fond of her.

&Therefore, oppo and James Jean are expected to cooperate to create reno4 Pro artist limited edition. From the perspective of warm-up poster, it is bold and bold, with strong oriental elements. What is the final effect? People are very curious. We will meet you next Monday. Let’s look forward to it.