OPPO Xiaobu Assistant launches comprehensive query of anti-epidemic information, one sentence direct health code

As the Spring Festival approaches, I believe everyone is most concerned about issues such as traveling and returning home under the epidemic. And now that there is more information in all aspects, querying related information has become a hassle.

In order to facilitate travel, the OPPO Breeno assistant has launched a comprehensive query system for anti-epidemic information, including seven major functions such as epidemic dynamic query, epidemic prevention knowledge question and answer, overseas epidemic query, vaccination map, risk area query, and return home policy query. Data It is updated in real time, and the health code can be reached directly in one sentence, which greatly facilitates users’ travel.

For friends who need to return home during the Chinese New Year, Xiaobu Assistant and Tencent Travel Services cooperate to inquire about epidemic prevention and return home policies in various places.

In particular, you don’t need to input to query this information, just ask Xiaobu by voice. If you want to check the situation of the epidemic, you can get detailed data by telling Xiaobu “the number of people in the country. And if you ask questions in the form of “city name + epidemic data”, you can also query the epidemic information of a specific city.

Or some of the epidemic prevention knowledge that everyone is more concerned about, you can also ask by voice, such as “Can eating garlic kill the virus?” Xiaobu will answer related questions.

Another troublesome thing is that now whether it is going to a supermarket or going to work, the building will need to scan the health code, which requires us to call up the health code interface. Then Breeno can directly call out the health code after upgrading, just say “open the health code” to the mobile phone, and it will automatically open the Alipay health code, which is very convenient. Especially for older users, just talk to the mobile phone, which greatly reduces the difficulty of use.

The rapid development of science and technology is to serve people, and the more vulnerable groups are, the more they should have the corresponding technology to help them achieve a better life. After OPPO has upgraded Xiaobu Assistant this time, it has greatly facilitated our travel, especially for older friends. You don’t need to learn how to use a mobile phone, just talk to the mobile phone.

The simple and convenient Xiaobu assistant has truly become a life assistant, and the people-oriented OPPO has also changed our lives with technology.