Oppofindx2 Pro won “best camera phone 2020”

Recently, oppo find x2 Pro stands out among a number of flagship mobile phones for its powerful image strength and excellent experience. It has won the award of “best camera phone 2020” by Australian evaluation website whistleout. At the same time, oppo also won the whistleout “best mobile phone brand 2020” award, which is the second time oppo won after 2019.

Oppo wins two awards of the year 2020 whistleout Awards

Whistleout’s annual awards recognize and recognize companies in the communications industry that bring quality products, services and solutions to Australian consumers. The evaluation team of this year’s whistleout mobile phone awards is composed of professional media editors. Through comprehensive evaluation of product price, performance, service life, screen, camera, appearance design and overall use experience, the best mobile phone and mobile phone brand in 2020 is selected.

According to Alex choros, editor in chief of whistleout, oppo provides Australian consumers with highly competitive mobile phone products in the full price range and continuously promotes the development of Australian mobile phone market. “Every generation of oppo’s mobile phone products are coming out of the old, and this year’s find x2 Pro is undoubtedly the best Android flagship phone at present,” he said. At the same time, oppo also provides excellent mobile phone products for consumers in different price segments. “

“Since its launch, oppo find x2 Pro has been recognized and loved by consumers all over the world with its full focus imaging system, super sensitive screen leading the industry, powerful 5g performance and super flash charging technology. This award is another strong proof of the strength of our products. At the same time, we are also very honored to win the award of the best mobile phone brand for two consecutive years. We will continue to dig deep into the Australian market, and continue to bring high-quality products and the best service experience to consumers by increasing R & D investment and improving operation ability. “

As a leading technology company, oppo has been committed to bringing revolutionary technology product experience to consumers through technological innovation. Last month, oppo officially released 125w super flash charging and 65W airvooc technology, which both set a new record of wired and wireless charging power and promoted the breakthrough and development of charging field. The development of 5g technology promotes the arrival of the era of integration of all things. Oppo continues to layout the IOT field, and has launched a variety of IOT products such as smart watches and smart headsets. In the second half of this year, oppo is about to launch new wearable devices and IOT products to continuously enrich consumers’ experience of intelligent products and build an intelligent ecology of everything.