OPPO's annual flagship TWS headset exposure will support multiple noise reduction modes

On October 9th, the appearance of OPPO’s new TWS headset was exposed. This is OPPO’s third TWS headset to be released this year after Enco W31 and Enco W51.

OPPO Enco X headset still uses a design style similar to the "pea shooter". Compared with the previous two generations of OPPO, the headphone head and headphone handle of the new headset are more rounded and three-dimensional, the handle is shorter, and the head seems to be larger, guessing or placing more complicated components.

In addition, OPPO's new TWS earphones directly contact the curved support part of the tragus, which can effectively improve the stability of the earphones when wearing them, and make them difficult to loose and fall. According to the picture connection pop-up window, this headset may have a variety of noise reduction modes, and it is equipped with a wearing fit test that only high-end headsets can have. Overall, this product will have an excellent noise reduction level.

According to the picture, you can see that the charging box continues the streamlined curvature design of the original MP3 X3, the metal texture of the waistline and the logo are printed, reflecting the tribute to the classics of the self; the screenshot also saw the launch of a Huanlu APP. The probability will satisfy the control of the headset by different mobile phones.

At present, more and more mobile phone manufacturers have joined the TWS headset market. Although they can provide a wealth of product choices at different price ranges, they have not been able to meet the high-quality needs of users for true wireless headsets. OPPO, which made its fortune with MP3, has always had a profound experience in the audio-visual field and is the world's leading audio-visual manufacturer. Enco X, which is upgraded to the flagship position this time, will undoubtedly inherit and advance OPPO's excellent audio-visual genes. In addition to the upgrade in ANC active noise reduction, the sound quality should also be greatly improved. With the earphone function on the market gradually approaching AirPods Pro, if OPPO Enco X has better sound quality, the price may also be close to 2,000 yuan (USD $286) . At the same time, Enco X is expected to break the deadlock of "difficult to improve sound quality" in the TWS headset market, and inject new vitality into the entire market.