Oppo’s patent for lifi visible light transmission is faster and safer than WiFi

Nowadays, WiFi 6 is very popular in both home and work environments, but with the increasing demand for data transmission, more and more institutions are exploring new ways to coexist with lifi.

&According to a foreign media report on August 11, oppo recently registered a patent for lifi visible light transmission, which uses photoelectric signal as the medium for communication, and has the characteristics of faster, safer and more energy-saving than Wi Fi. As a part of the VLC pan IEEE 802.15.7 standard, lifi has completed the transmission test of no less than 10 Gbps in the laboratory environment (about 100 times of the current Wi Fi wireless network). In the future, through the adaptation of LED and system, it is expected to further achieve 15gbps, so that more people can carry out data transmission in high-density environment. Of course, lifi is not without its disadvantages. While maintaining privacy, its signal coverage is only about 10 meters, while Wi Fi is 32 meters.

&In fact, as early as December 2019, oppo submitted a patent application for smart phone design to the State Intellectual Property Office, including 24 product appearance pictures and brief descriptions to show that the concept device is suitable for lifi communication.

According to the patent map, the device uses a pop-up front camera, and there is a module near the front pop-up camera and the back camera for optical signal conversion. In addition, oppo has also submitted a patent application for utility model in China (which has been included in WIPO database at present), in which the composition and application of lifi device are introduced in detail.