Or officially mass-produced by 2025 BMW announces hydrogen fuel cell vehicle power information

Recently, BMW revealed to the media that the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT concept car based on the BMW X5 has a system with a maximum power of 275kW. The new car is expected to be produced in small quantities in 2022.



The BMW i Hydrogen NEXT concept car first appeared at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2019. It has two 700bar hydrogen storage tanks that can hold 6kg of hydrogen. It only takes 3-4 minutes to fill these two tanks of hydrogen, just like a normal gasoline car.


Regarding the mass production time of hydrogen fuel cell models, BMW believes that it is not the right time to popularize hydrogen fuel cells on a large scale, and the small-scale trial production of the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT concept car will also have to wait until 2022, and the true mass production car will wait at least 2025 after. At that time, BMW will selectively build a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle based on the new car at that time.