Or the flagship of Android, iPhone 12 may miss the chance of high screen refresh

In recent months, there have been rumors on the Internet that the iPhone 12 series will use a high refresh rate of 120Hz. However, more accurate information is coming: this year’s iPhone 12 will miss the 120Hz high screen, and those who are looking forward to 120Hz will have to wait another year.

From last year to this year, many mobile phones in the Android camp began to use 90Hz, even directly up to 120Hz, and if the iPhone 12 did not use the high refresh screen, this will disappoint many users, and even lose some of the devices ready to purchase. user.

It is reported that the main reason why Apple does not get high brushes is cost. Moreover, Apple also believes that the overall performance and optimization of the current iPhone are doing well, and there is no need to introduce a high refresh screen. If there is no blessing of high refresh, then Apple will lag behind the Android camp in terms of screen display.

As for the release time of the iPhone 12 series, the postponement of the release is basically certain. According to the previous speech of Qualcomm CFO Akash Palkhiwala in the financial report exchange event, he said that due to a 5G flagship will be postponed, the revenue of Q3 will be reduced, but it will recover in Q4. This is undoubtedly the Apple mobile phone, because the iPhone The 12 series will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 5G baseband.