Oscar and Find X2 are in the same frame, Find More is more than just a slogan

Follow the steps of others in known areas. You may not go wrong, but you will never be able to reach the extreme. This is quite different from the core idea of OPPO Find. To explore the unknown and pursue the ultimate is the spirit that OPPO Find always adheres to. "Find more" is the best interpretation of this. Based on this concept, OPPO has brought the Find X2 series of products to consumers around the world. The powerful screen and imaging technology have once again made everyone feel the charm of exploration.

At the global conference of OPPO Find X2 series, OPPO officially announced that Eddie Redmein, "Little Freckles", was appointed as the global brand ambassador for OPPO Find X series. The joint pursuit of the spirit of exploration by both sides is the opportunity for this cooperation.

In 2014, Eddie Redmaine won the 87th Academy Award for Best Actor with the film "Theory of Everything", which is what everyone calls "the film emperor". "Exploring the unknown is the most fascinating place"-this is perhaps the secret of Eddie Redmein's mutual recognition by the industry and the audience. To break the rules, Eddie Redmein has been trying new challenges. When playing Hawking, he was reduced to 60 kg with a height of 184 cm. When playing the Danish "Girl", the audience almost forgot his true gender. As a magician, he specialized in the courtship dance of animals. As an actor, he will never be satisfied with his performance, and can't help but continue to look for, look forward to, and persist.

It is also because of exploration that once the OPPO Find X2 series is launched, it has been well received by the global media and consumers. Through the QHD + 120Hz super-sensitive screen, Find X2 has received an A + rating from DisplayMate, a professional agency; it refused to make up three rear cameras, allowing Find X2 to outperform most, defeating most mobile phones with four or even five rear cameras; and 65W Super flash charge has become a good medicine to relieve battery anxiety. And every leading feature is realized through unremitting exploration.

Although they are in different fields, the ultimate exploration of things makes them resonate and become the same frequency. The so-called co-frequency person refers to a person who resonates with the spirit. Eddie Redmayne's pursuit of art and OPPO Find X2 series' commitment to extreme technology, resonance at the same frequency, together reveal the charm of exploration.