Overtake Volvo for 6 consecutive months! China's first luxury car was born: sales soared by 93%

(Original title: Four luxury brands are the first to announce sales: Hongqi overtakes Volvo for 6 consecutive months)

The annual "Golden Nine and Silver Ten" can stimulate the sales of the domestic auto market. Despite the impact of the epidemic this year, the domestic auto market is still hot, especially the luxury car market.

Just after October, most brands such as BBA postponed the release of monthly sales data. Currently, only four brands, Cadillac, Hongqi, Volvo, and Lincoln, have released October sales.

In terms of rankings, among the four luxury brands that have announced their sales, in October, Cadillac ranked first with 25,316 units, followed by Hongqi (23000) and Volvo (16688), and Lincoln ranked fourth (7,300 units). ).

It is worth mentioning that Hongqi's October sales increased by 93% year-on-year, and it has surpassed Volvo for six consecutive months, and sales are approaching Cadillac and Lexus. It can be said that through its own efforts, Hongqi has become a "member" in China's high-end vehicle market.

Volvo performed equally well, with its October sales of 16,688 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 19%. This is also the seventh consecutive month that Volvo has maintained a high growth rate in China, and the growth rate exceeds the industry level.

At the same time, the second-tier leading brand Cadillac has completely recovered. Its sales in October reached 25,316 units, an increase of 81% year-on-year. It has achieved monthly sales of more than 25,000 units for two consecutive months; cumulative sales of 178,176 units from January to October.

Some analysts pointed out that the adoption of the market strategy of "price for volume" has allowed Volvo and Cadillac to see the dividends of short-term rapid development, but the follow-up development has become increasingly difficult and growth is weak.

In contrast, after Lincoln achieved domestic production, its sales in October exceeded 7,300 vehicles, a 103% increase year-on-year. It has achieved year-on-year/month-on-month double growth for 6 consecutive months, which is also Lincoln's best performance since entering China.

From the overall data, the second-tier luxury car market is still fierce. As a Chinese luxury brand, Hongqi has achieved such excellent results in a short period of time, which has also completed a transformation of the red card brand.