Overwhelming flagship OPPO Find X2 Jingdong sales

According to the 3C mobile phone sales rankings released by JD.com in the first week of September, the iPhone 11, which has been dominating the list in the first week of September, missed the first place this time. OPPO Find X2 relied on its screen, flash charging, imaging system, etc. All aspects of the advantages, in the fight among a group of flagship aircraft, stood out and won the first crown.

OPPO Find X2 has received countless praises on JD. We can see what users think of this phone

Looking at the evaluation, almost all users have given unanimous praise for OPPO Find X2’s screen, charging, camera, and system fluency. From users’ evaluations, we can see that OPPO Find X2 is extremely powerful, and it is precisely this that can overpower Apple and other competing products to become the top mobile phone sales of Jingdong in the first week of September.

There is not much suspense for OPPO Find X2 to stand out this time. The 6.7-inch large OLED screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz, a resolution of 3K and a sampling rate of 240Hz provides users with the ultimate screen look and feel and smooth control experience. Who doesn’t love it? In addition, it has obtained the TÜV Rheinland Global Eye Care Certification, allowing you to care for your eye health while feeling this screen.

In terms of flash charging, the 65W super flash charging can charge 40% of the power in less than ten minutes, and the 4200mAh large-capacity battery can be fully charged in 35 minutes at the fastest. The blessing of large battery and ultra-fast flash charging technology makes you almost insensitive to charging. Charging is instantaneous.

In the imaging system, the screen supports the high standard of HDR10, supports MEMC’s dynamic frame insertion technology, and cooperates with dual speakers to create an excellent viewing experience for you. In addition, Find X2 is also a powerful fighter that cannot be underestimated. The wide-angle of 4800W, the telephoto of 1300W, and the ultra-wide-angle of 1200W lay a solid foundation for the strong photographic performance of OPPO Find X2. There is also OPPO’s Super Anti-Shake Pro. With the addition of unique features such as Super Clear Night View 3.0, Find X2 has become an out-and-out photographer.

In addition, there are a series of flagship configurations such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, allowing OPPO Find X2 to be in the top few of the sales rankings since it was launched in the first half of the year, and it has been widely praised. This time it has beaten other flagship competitors. The laurel crown is also a proof of its own strength.

OPPO Find X2 continues to sell well at this stage, and when the golden autumn and September are coming for a year, it is time to choose a super powerful flagship mobile phone for you. OPPO Find X2 is such a powerful flagship.