Panasonic will build 4680 battery production line for Tesla

Recently, Hiroshi Umeda, chief financial officer of Panasonic Corporation of Japan, pointed out at the company’s briefing on Thursday that the Panasonic Group of Japan is preparing to produce 4680 batteries for Tesla.

After Tesla’s “Battery Day” event, Panasonic began to develop a prototype production line for the 4680 battery.

Tesla’s brand new power battery is named Promise 4680 battery. According to reports, while the production cost of the new 4680 battery is reduced, the energy density of the battery is 5 times higher than that of the previous power battery, and its battery life performance has increased by nearly 16%.

But Tesla CEO Musk also admitted that the design and manufacturing process of the new battery is not yet fully mature, and it will take some time before full production.

However, Panasonic said: “Panasonic knows a lot about this kind of battery. It started this work immediately after the Tesla Battery Day, and it is also preparing to build a parallel prototype production line.” It is understood that this parallel prototype The production line will be located in the battery factory “Super Factory No. 1” in Nevada, USA. The factory currently has 13 production lines. After the production line is put into operation, the production capacity will be increased by 10% to 39GWh per year.

Secretary’s comment:

At the Battery Day event in the first two months, Tesla did not mention which company it will cooperate with to produce the new battery, but it now appears that according to the Panasonic CFO, Tesla will authorize Panasonic to produce this new battery. . In addition, it was previously reported that LG Chem, another Tesla battery supplier, is also interested in producing a new type of battery that is very similar to the 4680 battery. If Panasonic and LG Chem have the machines and methods to produce new batteries, this may mean that Tesla has really made a major breakthrough in battery production.