Panasonic's first true wireless noise-cancelling headset is on sale: 2 hours longer battery life than AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro welcomes new challengers.

Panasonic officially launched two true wireless earbuds overseas this week, one is the RZ-S500W with active noise reduction, and the other is the RZ-S300W without noise reduction, priced at $199 (about 1415 yuan (USD $202) ) ) And 129 US dollars (about 918 yuan (USD $131) ).

RZ-S500W is packaged by Panasonic as the industry’s leading hybrid noise reduction technology master, and similar to AirPods Pro, it also comes with a transparent mode, that is, you can switch between noise reduction and hearing external sounds, the same way is pressing pressure sensor.

This sensor can also call out voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant, with a battery life of 6.5 hours. It can be extended for 13 hours with the storage box charging.

松下首款真无线降噪耳机发售:续航比AirPods Pro多2小时

Unfortunately, Panasonic did not give detailed information about the audio unit.

As for the RZ-S300W, the follow-up flight for canceling noise reduction is 7.5 hours, and the storage box can be fully charged three times.

In other respects, Panasonic emphasized that the antennas of the two headsets have been carefully polished, and the stability of the connection and the call can be guaranteed when the environment is very chaotic.