Perfect and true full-screen design, Meizu 18 "real machine" was the first to get started

Recently, some foreign media officially exposed the Meizu 18 mobile phone and released its hands-on experience video. It can be seen from the exposed video that Meizu 18 continues to use a white panel design, and the front is more radical, almost a complete screen, without any openings, and does not use water droplets or notch design.

At present, the true full screen mainly has two solutions: a lifting camera and an under-screen camera. Previously, Huang Zhang, the head of Meizu, had clearly expressed disdain for the lifting solution. Therefore, if the actual device is true, it is expected that the Meizu 18 listed on Q1 will be very useful It may become the first flagship model of mass-produced under-screen cameras.

Huang Zhang’s unique aesthetics, coupled with Meizu’s unique product design, make it difficult to become a head phone brand, but it still has a place in the hearts of many enthusiasts. Not long ago, Meizu announced that it has achieved profitability in 2020. You must know that they only released two phones of the 17 series last year, so the performance of the 18 is still very exciting.