Perfectly compatible with PS4 controller! iPhone can also play PS4, the tutorial is here

Sony once launched an app called "PS4 Remote Play" in the Apple App Store. Through this app, you can connect to the PS4 using the network, and then you can experience PS4 games on your iPhone or iPad. Now I will teach you How do you play PS4 on iPhone (similarly with iPad).

The first step is to install PS4 Remote Play on the iPhone, but this app is not available in China. IOS friends must first switch the App Store to the US or Japan to download it. Search by yourself. After downloading the PS4 Remote Play, turn on the Bluetooth of the iPad, and then connect the controller. Pay attention to the interface of the iPhone. At the same time, press the SHARE and PS keys on the controller until the controller starts to flash.

Then open the iPhone's settings page, find "DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller" in Bluetooth and connect. After the connection is successful, you can try to play games on the iPhone with the PS4 controller. There are a few points to note. The PSN ID registered on PS4 Remote Play must be the same as the ID on PS4, and the PS4 network must be smooth (PS4 does not need to be turned on and can be hibernated). It is NAT2, which will make it easier to connect.

For a wide range of partners, this is a good alternative when your PS4 is not around and you want to play games. Phone or tablet with PS4 controller can also experience PS4, interested friends may wish to try.