Perseid meteor shower is coming, Honor 30 records meteor grand occasion

On August 11th, the topic of #英仙座流星雨# was hotly searched, which attracted the attention of many photographers and astronomers. On August 12, the Perseid meteor shower arrived as scheduled, blooming in the sky with a flow of more than 100 meteors per hour, drawing a shocking picture in the night sky.

The Perseid meteor shower is fast, bright, large in number and rich in colors, which is of great value for viewing and recording. However, in the past, shooting meteors and other astronomical photography required a variety of high-end professional equipment, and precise adjustment of angles and parameters during shooting, but the entire astronomical process was too busy to enjoy. This year, star artist Honor 30 joined the shooting of the Perseid meteor shower after shooting the 12 constellations of the zodiac. Once again, team up with @中国国家天文 and well-known star photographers @氣慶儿 and @papajames to challenge the difficult shooting scene.

(The sample without watermark is a stack of photos with multiple meteors aligned by star points)

RYYB ultra-sensitive +1/1.28-inch ultra-large bottom sensor support, challenging the image limit

Prior to this, the Honor 30 series had completed multiple shooting under extreme conditions. For example, in cooperation with the Chinese National Astronomical Observatory and star photographers, they completed the shooting of the 12 constellations of the zodiac, which was recognized by the national observatory; as Sina Technology’s “officially designated solar eclipse shooting phone”, recording the magnificent solar eclipse scenery, the Honor 30 series successfully completed the challenge The mobile phone’s extreme photography proves its powerful photographic power.

Compared with ordinary astrology, shooting a meteor shower is more difficult. Unlike the daily starry sky, the meteor shower across the sky is fast and short, which can be said to be fleeting. It poses a huge challenge to the camera’s sensitivity, focusing ability, and shutter speed. In terms of lens configuration, the Honor 30 series is equipped with up to 1/1.28-inch sensor, which is the largest sensor in the industry. It not only provides more sufficient light input for mobile phones, but also takes into account the focus speed, signal-to-noise ratio and other indicators, plus RYYB The filter array design and the four-in-one equivalent of 2.44μm large pixels, the imaging effect is very delicate.

In this shooting star proof, the “super big cup” Honor 30 Pro+ not only captured the brilliant light spots and blue-violet colors of the starry sky, but also clearly recorded the cars and people below, while ensuring the extremely high purity of the picture. The visual effect is excellent.

(The sample without watermark is a stack of photos with multiple meteors aligned by star points)

Looking at the above picture again, the overall shooting environment is relatively dark, and the hills near the border with the sky are almost completely black. Under the lens of the Honor 30 series, the meteors flying across the sky can still be recorded in a perfect form. At the same time, the vast galaxy is used as the background of the picture, and the combination of movement and static, point and line is more romantic.

50 times super stable telephoto, Honor 30 series powerful zoom to capture the sky

In addition to the superior performance of the main camera, the entire Honor 30 series is also equipped with a periscope telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom and up to 50x zoom capability, making the starry sky no longer an unattainable sight.

Taking the zodiac 12 constellation shooting as an example, it can be seen that the Honor 30 Pro+ not only captured the starry sky scene, but also brought the constellations closer to the eyes and took close-up shots. In order to ensure the stability of zoom shooting, the Honor 30 series introduces dual-structure OIS optical image stabilization, with the AF drive motor and AI telephoto super anti-shake algorithm, it can also output high-quality pictures in the case of long exposure shooting.

Earlier, the Honor 30 series, as the official phone of Sina Technology’s designated solar eclipse shooting mobile phone, held a “day-by-day trip” to record the entire Phnom Penh solar eclipse. Under the lens of the Honor 30 series, we saw the solar eclipse in a more complete and atmospheric sense. The sun is only a circle of gold rim, which is like a ring of burning flame, which is amazing.

to sum up

From the 12 constellations of the zodiac, to the solar eclipse in Phnom Penh, to the meteor shower, the extreme challenges are not only the record of the Honor 30 series of magnificent natural landscapes, but also the confidence of the Honor 30 series in its new generation of super-sensitive imaging system. With the witness of many official teams and consumers, it broke the limit of many mobile phone shooting and used proofs to visually show the image strength. The flagship camera performance of the Honor 30 series is beyond doubt. If you also want to shoot starry sky/meteor shower, the Honor 30 series is undoubtedly the best choice.