Porsche global recalls its first electric car Taycan, 6014 units will be recalled in China

News on July 3rd: According to Bloomberg News, Porsche may soon recall some Taycan series electric vehicles worldwide due to software problems. Now Porsche officially announced that its first pure electric model series will cause the vehicle to lose power during driving due to software communication problems. Porsche may recall about 43,000 Taycan models worldwide, of which 6014 will be recalled in China. .

At present, the official has submitted the recall measures to the relevant domestic authorities and proceeded in accordance with the domestic recall report process. After the approval of the relevant authorities, Porsche will initiate the act of informing customers. It is reported that car owners will need to bring their electric Porsches to the dealer for software repair. The company said it will take 60 to 90 minutes. The repair plan is also being applied to the new off-line Taycans.

According to reports, so far, at least a dozen Taycan owners have submitted complaints about power loss to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), prompting the safety agency to investigate the issue recently. The agency found that when the 12-volt battery-the classic rectangular battery that powers accessories when the car is not running-runs out, it causes power loss. If the 12-volt battery loses power while the Taycan is driving, the car will shut down the larger 800-volt battery pack, which powers the vehicle’s electric motors and other critical systems.