press forward with indomitable will! Official announcement of Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary keynote speech

Previously, Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi technology, announced that he had decided to hold a keynote speech on Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary, which would make a “summary report” on Xiaomi’s achievements in the previous ten years, give a complete “self introduction” to Xiaomi, and bring several “representative works for the 10th anniversary”. On August 3, Xiaomi officially announced the time of the keynote speech: it will be held at 19:30 p.m. on August 11.

Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary keynote speech

From a bowl of porridge to the world’s top 500, from the caught tuyere to the pit, Xiaomi company has gone through a wonderful and exciting decade. Standing at the node of ten years, ask again: where does Xiaomi come from? Where will it go? This is Lei Jun’s first public speech. On August 11, Lei Jun will bring us the answers to these questions.

Keynote speech of a660202
Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary

Keynote speech of 小米十周年主题演讲
Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary

In addition, on August 11, the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi, it can be said that the official announced the release time of Xiaomi 10 “Super Cup” and redmi K30 Ultra. These new products should appear at this conference. I believe there will be a lot of warm-up news in the near future, and CNMO will continue to report and follow up.