Preview of Apple's October Conference: In addition to iPhone 12, what new products are worth paying attention to

In the morning news of October 10th, Apple will hold a new product launch conference at 1 am on October 14th, Beijing time, when the new iPhone 12 series mobile phones will be the highlight. In addition to the iPhone 12, Apple expects to have some other products we have been waiting for, such as the small-sized HomePod, Apple's first wireless headset AirPods Studio, wireless tracker AirTags, and even the first Apple chip Mac. Simultaneous appearance.

iPhone 12 is the protagonist

The iPhone 12 is no more suspense. According to previous news, the new product launch in October will launch four iPhones, which will be named iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. These four models all use OLED notch screens, with screen sizes of 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches in order. Among them, the iPhone12/mini storage capacity started with 64GB, and the iPhone12 Pro/Max both started with 128GB storage capacity.

There are rumors that iPhone 12 will use 120Hz high refresh screen, but this year should be out of play. In addition to cost constraints, there are also Samsung's own production capacity issues.

In terms of appearance, the new iPhone12 series will continue the full-screen design with bangs, and adopt a right-angle metal middle frame design similar to the iPhone4, and the overall style is more aggressive. It is also possible to add a variety of colors such as navy blue.

The iPhone 12 mini, which is positioned for entry, will be the first iPhone to use the "mini" name, or it will use a three-layer motherboard structure with a thickness of 8.1mm. It may be equipped with a B14 processor, does not support 5G communication (still a 4G model), and the battery capacity is only 2227mAh. From the naming point of view, the iPhone 12mini focuses on the small screen market and cost-effective route.

Another major change of iPhone this year is the launch of 5G. Except for the iPhone 12 mini, the other three iPhone 12 models will be equipped with A14 processors and support dual-mode 5G communication.

New category HomePod mini

Apple launched HomePod in 2018, but due to its high price, HomePod is difficult to really popularize.

HomePod mini is a brand new category that will coexist with the HomePod released a few years ago. Compared with the previously released HomePod, the new HomePod mini is smaller in size and has fewer internal speakers, so the price will be lower. To a certain extent, it will also promote the popularity of HomePod.

HomePod‌ mini is expected to be available on November 16.

AirTags wireless tracker

AirTags is Apple's long-rumored Bluetooth tracker, which can be attached to items such as wallets and keys so that they can be used with the "find apps" of iPhone, iPad and Mac. In addition, AirTags also has a built-in U1 chip that supports ultra-wideband technology, which can achieve more accurate positioning and tracking.

The earliest report on AirTags was in August last year, when the media discovered a new Apple product, AirTags, in the latest beta version of iOS 13.

As for the release time of AirTags, according to the previous analysis of well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, AirTags was released with iPhone 12 this time.

Apple's first headset AirPods Studio

Not surprisingly, AirPods Studio, which has been revealed for a long time before this time, will also be released simultaneously. There are rumors that AirPods Studio will be priced at $349 and will provide active noise reduction and retro-style design.

According to the previously exposed renderings, AirPods Studio does not use the common full-circle earmuffs, but uses a rounded rectangular design, which makes the product look very different. The earphone cover has a bright metal appearance, there are no buttons on the earphone shell, only a USB-C interface and Apple Logo on the panel at the bottom.

AirPods Studio is a head-mounted wireless headset from Apple, which is definitely a very interesting product at the press conference.

Apple's first self-developed chip Mac or absent

Apple announced at WWDC in June that all Apple Mac computers will transition to using self-developed chips within the next two years. The first Apple chip Mac computers will be launched before the end of this year.

From the time point of view, it is very possible that the Apple chip Mac computer will be launched at this conference. However, according to the latest news from Bloomberg, the first Apple chip Mac will not be released at this conference, but "will be released separately in November." It is still unclear whether the so-called "launch" will be an independent theme conference or a press conference.

Judging from the information currently exposed, Apple chip Mac computers will be equipped with A14X processors and custom GPUs, with battery life between 15 and 20 hours.