Professional organization dismantled new Samsung Note20 series machine, repairability is only 3 points

Every time a new machine is released, many media organizations will conduct professional and detailed evaluations of the machine. On August 5th, Samsung launched a brand-new Note20 series of mobile phones. Subsequently, there are also institutions that test the machine’s performance and durability. On August 25, professional dismantling agency iFixit shared dismantling information of Samsung Note20 series and stated that its repairability is 3 points.

After disassembling the two Samsung Note20 series products, iFixit said: Users only need a standard Phillips screwdriver to remove the screw parts inside the fuselage; many internal components are modular in design, including the charging port. It can be replaced separately; it is very difficult to replace the battery, the screen repair is cumbersome, the priority is low and expensive; all repairs require priority treatment of adhesives before cleaning or replacement repairs. Finally, iFixit believes that the repairability of Samsung Note20 series is only 3 points, and it is very difficult to repair after damage.

This year’s Samsung Note20 series still maintains a thin and light body design, despite a lot of heavy materials. The internal hardware of the body is highly integrated, and in order to achieve the IP68 level of protection, it has also done a lot of dust and water resistance. Protective measures. As one of the biggest highlights of the Samsung Note20 series, the cost of the screen is also the highest, and its repair and replacement costs are also very high. There is basically no possibility of repairing accidentally damaged.

At present, Samsung has not disclosed the repair cost of each component of the Note20 series, but the cost of the 120Hz variable refresh rate dynamic AMOLED screen that it is equipped with may account for more than 1/3 of the price of the phone, even if its surface covers the seventh generation of Corning. Gorilla Glass has better anti-fall protection, but it still needs adequate protection in daily life.