Promote Chinese traditional sports into the Olympic Games, BYD helps “dragon boat into the Olympic Games”

On August 11, BYD signed a contract with China Canoeing Association in Shenzhen to become the “strategic partner of dragon boat’s entry into the Olympic Games”. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in promoting dragon boats to enter the Olympic Games and designing and developing “competitive dragon boats”. Liu Aijie, chairman of China Canoeing Association, Meng GuanLiang and Yang Wenjun, world champions of men’s double rowing in Athens and Beijing Olympic Games, and Wang Chuanfu, chairman and President of BYD Co., Ltd., attended the signing ceremony.

Liu Aijie said that dragon boat, a traditional sports sport, is not only the inheritance of Chinese culture, but also contains the sports spirit of unity, struggle and progress. Dragon boat will become a performance event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, which means that Chinese traditional sports are rapidly stepping to the highest stage in the world. This strategic cooperation with BYD on “Dragon Boat entering the Olympic Games” will undoubtedly inject strong impetus into the official dragon boat competition in the Olympic Games.

Wang Chuanfu believes that the Dragon Boat spirit of “unity, cooperation, hard work and hard work” is the embodiment of the excellent character of the Chinese nation. As a representative of Chinese national brands, BYD also takes promoting the dragon boat into the Olympic Games as its own responsibility, integrates the inheritance and promotion of dragon boat spirit into the dream and practice of serving the country in the industry, adheres to technological innovation, and shows the responsibility and responsibility of Chinese brands to keep forging ahead in the new era 。

In promoting the dragon boat into the Olympic Games, China Canoeing Association was commissioned by the international Rowing Federation to design competitive dragon boats. As a “strategic partner of dragon boat’s entry into the Olympic Games”, BYD’s latest achievements in the field of technological innovation will also be applied to the design and development of competitive dragon boats, such as dragon, which is equipped with Chinese models Face design language integrates Chinese dragon totem and Western functional aesthetics; BYD also optimizes the vehicle aerodynamics to make the drag coefficient of Han as low as 0.233cd, which undoubtedly builds users’ confidence in the technology and quality of made in China, and adds scientific and technological impetus to dragon boat’s entry into the Olympic Games. We believe that guided by the spirit of dragon boat and driven by scientific and technological innovation, BYD will help the “Chinese dragon” move forward, let the Chinese Dragon Boat shine in the world arena, and realize the dream of shining the Olympic stage as soon as possible.