PS5 official teardown video released: luxurious cooling, built-in M.2 hard drive

After inviting some digital and gaming bloggers to experience the PS5, Sony released the official disassembly video and explanation of this console. After watching the entire video, I think the entire cooling system of the PS5 is quite interesting, so let's take you to experience it.

As can be seen from the picture above, the size of the PS5 is much larger than that of the PS4. The official also acknowledged this, but said that this is mainly due to the better performance of the PS5 and a lot of work on heat dissipation.

Let's first look at the interface. The rear interface of the PS5 is more conventional. A high-speed USB Type-C interface has been added to the front panel. It can be said to be in line with the trend after all.

Then there is the base, which has its own screw storage function and also provides a part to cover the screw holes of the host. After the base is rotated, the host can be placed horizontally and connected by the way above.

The side covers on both sides of the PS5 are fixed by buckles and can be removed without tools. After all, users need to open the side panel if they add an M.2 interface solid state drive. Unlike PS4 Pro, they don’t have to worry about the machine.

Open the side panel, you can see the large fan and the M.2 hard disk next to it. PS5 also has a built-in dust collector, which can remove dust from the two ports on the left.

Disconnect the network card cable before opening the shield. PS5 supports Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 networks.

As for this CPU backplane, users who have disassembled PS4 Pro should be familiar with it.

The most conspicuous chip on this motherboard is undoubtedly this custom APU, which uses the AMD Zen 2 CPU + RDNA 2 GPU combination. Liquid gold is used for heat conduction. This material is mainly used for overclockers and high-performance thin and light gaming laptops in the mainstream consumer market.

Next is the 16GB GDDR6 shared memory and storage part.

In order to achieve better heat dissipation, the PS5 fan has a thickness of 45mm. Although the thermal module uses heat pipe + thermal paste, the official said that through a special design, it achieves a heat dissipation effect comparable to that of a vacuum chamber soaking plate, and can cover various chips such as chips, memory and storage.

The last is to disassemble the family portrait. You can see that the integration of PS5 is not that high, and there are still many types and numbers of accessories. It can be seen that its cooling system has been greatly improved compared with PS4, so it is probably not necessary to disassemble the phone after one year of use.

Below is the official dismantling video, if you are interested, you can watch it.