Q&A: Why did Xiaomi open offline stores? The higher the end of the phone, the more valuable it is?

Recently, a number of data research institutions have released market reports for Q4 2020 and the whole year. The data in these reports all point to the same trend-the mobile phone industry will usher in a major reshuffle in 2021! Who will usher in the “second spring”, who will be forced to transform, and who will fall apart. The answers to these questions are still unclear, but changes are bound to continue.

Q&A: Why did Xiaomi open offline stores? The higher the end of the phone, the more valuable it is?

CNMO recently followed up and reported a number of industry incidents. For example, OPPO closed its super flagship store in Shanghai, Xiaomi is vigorously promoting its strategy of “Xiaomi’s home will be opened to every county”, and some manufacturers are rumored to sell its high-end products. Line and so on. These are isolated incidents when viewed from a small perspective, but they are a microcosm of changes in the industry when viewed from a larger perspective.

Today’s Q&A, let’s talk about what is happening and what is about to happen in the industry.

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2. Why did OPPO close the Shanghai Super Flagship Store?

3. Does the higher-end mobile phone retain its value?

4. Why is the tablet market relatively deserted recently?

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