Qichacha released the list of China's top 20 patent companies, OPPO ranked among the top five

Just now, a company check showed that the TOP20 companies with invention patents in the past five years showed that, with the exception of the State Grid and PetroChina, most of them are technology companies.

Among them, State Grid Corporation of China ranked first with 23,308 patents, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. ranked second with 19,756 patents, third was China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, fourth and fifth were BOE Technology Group shares. Co., Ltd. and OPPO Guangdong Mobile Communications Co., Ltd.

OPPO, as a mobile phone terminal manufacturer, can enter the top five, showing its investment and attention in research and development. At the end of last month, OPPO also established a future terminal technology joint research center with Tsinghua University, focusing on research work in human-computer interaction technology, cognitive computing, computer vision, and computational photography, and closely integrated with future terminal and wearable device industry applications , To realize the cross integration of multiple disciplines and serve the national innovation-driven development strategy.

In 2019, OPPO R&D funds reached 10 billion yuan, and it is increasing year by year. Such R&D investment has gradually transformed OPPO from a single mobile phone manufacturer to a mobile phone and multi-smart terminal ecology, AI, 5G, imaging, etc. across multiple fields Technology companies.