Qinghui! The domestic market share of MediaTek chip returns to the first place

Although there are many brands of mobile phones, there are not many processors available for mobile phones. Apple’s A-Series and Huawei’s Kirin don’t take out, and Samsung’s exynos rarely takes out, so most mobile phone manufacturers choose MediaTek or Qualcomm’s processors. At one time, MediaTek’s processor sales accounted for the first place in China, but was later surpassed by Qualcomm.

According to DIGITIMES, in the second quarter of this year, the shipment of AP (application processor) in China’s smartphone market reached 170 million units, an increase of 25.8% month on month and a decrease of 20% year-on-year. It is expected that in the third quarter, AP’s shipment will increase by 9.3%. In the chip shipment ranking of various brands, MediaTek finally surpassed Qualcomm once again, ranking first with a share of 38.1%, followed by Qualcomm with a share of 37.8%. Huawei’s sales volume of Hisilicon accounted for 21.8%, ranking third.

DIGITIMES believes that the sales of MediaTek chips can surpass that of Qualcomm, and Huawei’s order increase is particularly important. This year’s Tianji series 5g processor has been loved by major mobile phone manufacturers, and Huawei has many models carrying the chip.

In addition, the DIGITIMES report also pointed out that Huawei will continue to increase its procurement of 4G and 5g chips from MediaTek in the second half of this year. This means that the market share of Hisilicon chips will be reduced, while the market share of MediaTek chips will be further increased, which may be able to open up the gap with Qualcomm snapdragon.