Qixi Festival received a "image love letter" poked tears, Honor 30 became an emotional bond

Although the romantic Tanabata night has passed, its strong love atmosphere is still strong. As a good partner of young people in technology, Honor Mobile also presents the Chinese Valentine’s Day romantic blockbuster-“Image Love Letter” for CPs. Those feelings that are not expressed in words are all confided in the video.

The style of the whole film is quite like that of the master Wong Kar-wai. Through the lens of the Honor 30 series, a sense of quietness is created, and the feeling of fragmentation in a few words is the unique style of Wong Kar-wai’s movies.

The whole film describes that because of the epidemic, a couple is separated in two places and loves each other. During this period, the girl used the Honor 30 series mobile phone to record the moments around her, and then sent the photos to her boyfriend one by one as a love letter.

In the film, the heroine uses the 50x ultra-stable telephoto function of the Honor 30 series to shoot the beautiful stars in the sky, uses the Honor 30 series to record the night scene of the city where it is located, and the image capabilities of the Honor 30 series convey all the good things around… On this day, they meet, under the bright moon and stars, they embrace each other. The Streaming Magic Mirror Honor 30 series is the key link of this emotion.

This short film also cleverly integrates the extraordinary image performance of the Honor 30 series. Including: 50x ultra-stable telephoto, ultra-sensitive night shooting, and AI capture of wonderful moments, etc., through the progress of the story, it brings a different ending. You can choose the ending you want and generate a poster of your own director’s work. Each story has different endings.

As soon as the Honor 30 series “Love Letters” Tanabata blockbuster was released, it attracted widespread attention. Many young people resonated and forwarded and commented on it. The Honor 30 series Tanabata short film became a hot spot in the circle of friends. Many netizens said that the Honor Pictures Tanabata blockbuster made the feeling of Wong Kar Wai’s movie. No matter how far away, I can’t beat the sentence I want to see you. The film feels like a film, and it is not enough after watching…

The industry’s largest base + original RRYB technology, software and hardware collaboration empowers the daily journey

In the film, we can see that the Honor 30 series has become a “witness” for many couples to record their romantic love with its powerful imaging capabilities. Previously, the Honor 30 series took advantage of the RYYB super-outsole’s light-sensitivity, and the standard 50 times ultra-stable telephoto of the whole series, and captured the Perseid meteor shower. Many friends took the opportunity to confess their favorite girls.

The Honor 30 series has a full-focus imaging system, covering day to night, high-pixel super-sensitive main camera +50 times ultra-stable telephoto and powerful AI algorithm, which can easily cope with the shooting needs of various scenes, even for difficult astronomical photography. It is also stress-free.

(This is a photo of multiple meteors aligning the stack according to the star points)

The romantic design of streamer magic mirror, the key link to connect emotion

In the Honor 30 series of blockbusters, the streamer magic mirror is the key link of this emotion. The color matching of the streamer magic mirror adopts a gradual color design, which looks like the sky at dawn. There are a variety of colors that blend together, and they will have different textures when viewed from different angles, which is very beautiful. The Honor 30 series mobile phone is as light as 185g and as thin as 8.1mm. It is compact and light for daily carrying. It can be easily handled whether it is put in a trouser pocket or a small handbag for women.

(Picture from @李李奉)

It is worth mentioning that the streamer magic mirror is still a popular color this year, which can be easily matched with all kinds of clothes. Therefore, it is definitely a romantic thing to give the Honor 30 series, which represents the beautiful and popular streamer mirror color matching, to the beloved.

(Picture from @李李奉)

Image is the best way to express love in freeze frame. It is as lasting as love. Every photo and every second of video is an emotional journey. Every time the shutter is pressed, it is the sublimation of love. The Honor 30 series is powerful. The image capability of the camera provides an excellent photo experience for more couples, leaving more moments in love.