Qualcomm Snapdragon helps to upgrade the picture quality of "The End of the World"

In recent years, as the performance of smart phones has become more and more powerful, mobile games have gradually become more and more in line with console games in terms of game graphics, overall operability, and gameplay. On October 16, the martial arts-themed multiplayer online role-playing game "Tianya Mingyuedao Mobile Games" was officially launched. This is another work that pushes the screen of the mobile game to the extreme!

It is understood that the creation team of "Tianya Mingyue Knife Mobile Game" comes from a team of top filmmakers. Therefore, at the beginning of the project, it is committed to presenting a heartbeat, true and delicate national style to thousands of players through the most cutting-edge technology. Rivers and lakes, show the brilliant color and light and shadow special effects of movie level on the square inch screen of the mobile phone.

In the face of games with the ultimate in graphics like the mobile game "The End of the World and Moon Knife", who will provide the performance support for the smartphone? Take the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, which is used by most Android flagships this year, as an example. It fully integrates a series of new features such as the latest generation of Snapdragon Elite Gaming and a series of end game experience and extreme realistic graphics performance, which can optimally schedule the CPU, GPU and other components perform different workloads, not only helping mobile phone manufacturers to create powerful, ultra-low power consumption, and continuous stable terminals, but also optimizing the picture quality and game special effects in "Tianya Mingyuedao Mobile Games", bringing players Come to the most authentic arena!

"Tianya Mingyue Knife Mobile Game"

For example, Qualcomm Adreno GPU can support both tile-base-deferred-rendering (TBDR) and direct-rendering (DR) two rendering architectures. The power of this feature is that it can In "Tianya Mingyuedao Mobile Games", give full play to the top performance of Qualcomm Snapdragon flagship mobile platform-that is, let the phone choose the optimal rendering method based on the game scene, thereby achieving faster rendering speed and saving power consumption. It needs to be pointed out that Adreno GPU can reduce the sorting load of the CPU by reducing repeated rendering, while greatly improving the rendering performance of the GPU, giving the game more space to present more complex and cool effects, and bringing players lifelike Game screen. In 3D free-view open world RPG games, Adreno GPU can also save power by greatly reducing repeated rendering. This means that with the strong support of Snapdragon Elite Gaming, the martial arts world familiar to the young heroes will be restored to the greatest extent, and they will be able to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience on their mobile phones.

In terms of color, the Adreno GPU and Adreno DPU multimedia engine integrated on the Snapdragon 865 mobile platform can natively support True 10-bit HDR from the bottom of the hardware, make full use of the color rendering performance of the top screen, and present more than one billion brilliant colors to players. It can bring 64 times the exquisite colors of a traditional 8-bit screen, which fits well with the creative intentions of the game developers of "Tianya Mingyuedao Mobile Games". Not only that, for the Vulkan graphics API used in "Tianya Mingyuedao Mobile Games", the Qualcomm Snapdragon and Tiandao development team optimized for Vulkan, perfectly taking advantage of the power-saving, parallel and high-efficiency features of Vulkan's graphics API, allowing young heroes Able to enjoy movie quality experience at your fingertips.

《天涯明月刀手游》True 10-bit HDR效果对比
Comparison of True 10-bit HDR Effects in "Tianya Mingyuedao Mobile Games"

In fact, it’s not just the mobile game of “Heavenly Sword”. In the formerly popular “Yuan Shen”, many players who use non-top flagship Android phones will also react. The phone has more than enough heart and insufficient energy when running games. Not moving. In the future, as the screens of mobile games become more and more refined, the performance advantages of high-end flagship mobile phones will eventually be revealed to the fullest. I believe users will know how to choose!