Qualcomm will launch Snapdragon 765 and 865 chip GPU updateable programs, improving game performance by 40%

As early as last December at the Qualcomm Summit, Qualcomm announced updateable GPU drivers for its Snapdragon 765 and 865 platforms. Today, Google introduced its new Android GPU inspector tool, a new graphical analysis tool for smartphone GPUs that developers can use to tune and better optimize game performance, and via OTA in the Play Store Updates push these new benefits directly to consumers.

The new tool supports Adreno and Mali GPUs and will enable developers to push OTA driver updates to supported devices. The initial list of phones includes the Pixel 4 duo with Snapdragon technology and the Orion processor and Snapdragon chip variants of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy S10. Google promises to launch more supported devices soon.

Qualcomm says the new optimizations can reduce GPU stress by 40% while providing faster frame rates and longer battery life on supported devices. Google and Qualcomm have partnered with multiple game studios, including Gameloft and Blizzard Entertainment, and the first GPU driver updates are expected to arrive later this year.