Quality Choice, Skyworth Q70 Mingli Screen MiniLED TV is launched

Whether it is now or before, the living room TV has an unshakable status. If you pursue product quality and display effects, only high-end TVs can better meet your needs. Skyworth Q70 Mingli screen TV is a high-end TV product. It adopts the latest MiniLED backlight technology, which can bring a full range of high-end experience, which is in line with user groups who pursue quality life. Let’s take a look at what different experiences this high-end TV can bring.

Skyworth Q70 Mingliping TV adopts the latest MiniLED backlight technology, officially called Mingliping. This is also Skyworth’s first high-end TV to adopt this technology. MiniLED backlight technology is different from traditional LCD screens or OLED screens. It is a new display technology based on LCD display principles.

Among them, the 75-inch Skyworth Q70 Mingli screen TV integrates 15,120 lamp beads, and with Skyworth’s dotted AI light control function, it can realize 252 separate light control and bring about 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast. If it is an 86-inch version, it will be equipped with 20,736 lamp beads to achieve 288 partition control light.

With the support of the partition independent light control technology, Skyworth Q70 Mingli screen TV can individually control the backlight brightness of each small partition, so that the bright part of the picture is bright and the dark place is dark, so as to retain more picture details. The peak screen brightness can reach 1500nits.

This TV also supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 technology. With the above-mentioned partitioned independent light control technology, the bright and dark details of the picture can be best presented, which can bring more realistic picture effects and improve Visual immersion.

In addition to the blessing of MiniLED backlight technology, Skyworth Q70 Mingli screen TV also uses super quantum dot technology, up to 100% NTSC color gamut, presenting more than 1.07 billion colors, and the picture colors are true and natural. Skyworth Q70 Mingli screen TV also has ADSDS technology and 3D LUT technology. It not only supports ultra-wide viewing angle, ultra-high color expression, ultra-high-speed motion picture processing, but also achieves broadcast-level monitor-level color accuracy performance, △E1. 3’s amazing color quasi-high fidelity restores the shooting scene, authentically presenting the creator’s intention.

The sound quality performance will also directly affect the integrated viewing experience. Skyworth Q70 Mingli screen TV supports Dolby Atmos, adopts the left and right channel design, and the 20mm ultra-narrow full-range unit has a powerful explosive force that can provide better sound effects.

In addition, you can also choose an external 6.5-inch SUPRAV DRUM wireless bass drum, which can create a shocking and immersive sound effect, and the overall experience is even better.

Skyworth Q70 Mingli screen TV also adopts an excellent industrial design concept, the appearance design is simple and elegant, and the “streamer” metal middle frame is more lightweight and texture. This TV also uses an air suspension design. After wall-mounted installation, the rear shell will fit the wall and can be easily integrated into the living room environment, which is more harmonious and natural, and not very obtrusive.

The front of the TV also has a mirror light LOGO, the mirror texture + electroplating process makes the LOGO more refined.

Of course, there is no need to worry about the convenience of use. This TV integrates the commonly used interfaces on the docking station. The docking station is small in size and can be placed anywhere. You can put it in an inconspicuous corner, etc. It is convenient to use and will not affect the wiring. The overall visual effect.

Skyworth Q70 Mingli screen TV is equipped with a new 8K SoC chip, which can meet the needs of high-definition video decoding. At the same time, it is equipped with a 3GB+64GB storage combination, which not only runs smoothly, but can also hold more applications.

Skyworth Q70 Mingli Screen TV is equipped with Coocaa System 8 for TV system, which adopts immersive video stream, card information stream and negative one screen design to improve user interaction efficiency, simple and convenient. The TV has a built-in full-time AI voice assistant, which supports far-field voice, voiceprint recognition, dialect recognition and other functions. It can not only quickly search for the video resources you want to watch, but also set reminders.

Skyworth Q70 Mingli screen TV supports Swaiot Xiaowei Zhilian, which can control and manage Swaiot smart devices in the whole house on the TV. The TV can be used as a smart device management center to further expand the smart home application scenarios and also improve convenience.

This TV also supports the special TV K song function, deeply integrates “sing it” resources, so that you can enjoy K song through the TV and bring different fun. Skyworth Q70 Mingli screen TV has a built-in high light-into-light lifting AI camera. With the smart camera built into the TV, functions such as video and somatosensory games can also be realized.

In the network part, Skyworth Q70 Mingli TV has a built-in dual-antenna WiFi6 module with a maximum rate of 1.2Gbps. You don’t need to worry too much about the speed when connecting via WiFi network. As long as your network speed is fast, watching high-definition video via WiFi connection will not need to freeze, and it is more convenient without connecting a network cable.

Skyworth Q70 Mingli screen TV can also be used as your gaming equipment, with a built-in HDMI2.1 interface, which can meet high-bandwidth transmission requirements. Through this interface, you can achieve higher resolution and higher frame rate video image transmission, and external games The console can also display high-definition smooth screen effects when playing games, and can be a good assistant for your games.

Skyworth Q70 Mingli Screen TV is a flagship TV with very high configuration. The screen uses MiniLED backlight, quantum dot technology, and Skyworth’s image quality optimization in software algorithms, and the screen image effect is very good. The combination of excellent graphics and live sound effects allows users to experience shocking viewing effects at home.

In addition to excellent viewing effects, the design of Skyworth Q70 Mingli Screen TV is also very advanced. The air suspension design and minimalist appearance make this TV easy to integrate into the living room environment, elegant and connotative. Through this TV, you can also control smart homes, meet the high-quality picture requirements of external game consoles, etc. These functional configurations allow this TV to not only provide an excellent viewing experience, but also greatly expand the application scenarios to meet your more demand.

From movie viewing experience to comprehensive configuration, Skyworth Q70 Mingliscreen TV can give you a lot of surprises. If you pay great attention to the viewing experience and product quality, Skyworth Q70 Mingli Screen TV can meet your needs very well, and interested friends can pay attention to it.