Quiet as a virgin, moving like a rabbit, coneceptd7 one week experience

The competition in the market of pen power is increasingly fierce, but it also gives us a lot of purchase options.

Game crowd, of course, the game is the first choice. Office, of course, business is standard. What about the design and creation crowd? The strong performance is the standard of its selection, and the relatively weak business can’t meet the demand; although the performance of the game book barely reaches the passing line, the high refresh rate screen, RGB light effect and so on are obviously not so important.

What kind of notebook does the designer need? NVIDIA RTX studio laptops are definitely one to choose from. NVIDIA RTX studio is a set of notebook specifications specially designed for creators released by NVIDIA during Computex 2019. The specification has very strict requirements on hardware and software, and pays more attention to the efficiency and fluency of daily office work. It is specially designed for content creators. The latest conceptd7 launched by Acer is such a benchmark product with both performance and efficiency.


Appearance design white as jade, crystal flawless

For good things, people’s pursuit is endless. Conceptd7 is clean and white, giving people a transparent texture and visual experience like jade. Simple design and comfortable hand feel make people fall in love with each other at first sight.

Open the screen, press the power button, turn on the machine in an instant, and the 15.6-inch 4K resolution HD screen emits light. Conceptd7 adopts a 4K resolution display with a top-level color gamut, with Pantone professional certification, delta e value less than 2, and adobe RGB gamut coverage reaches 100%. Such screen parameters are very eye-catching, and the actual appearance is also good. After a while, the other laptop screens have faded.

The natural and gentle warm backlight can easily type even in the dark. The key cap and spacing have also been adjusted. The touchpad supports a variety of operations, cancels the keypad, makes pressing more comfortable, and does not feel tired after a long time of desk work. NVIDIA RTX studio sticker certification also highlights the dignity of its identity. Above the keyboard is not the speaker, but the air inlet of the conceptd7 fan.

The whole body is white, showing more texture. In addition, conceptd7 supports 180 ° opening and closing, which is also rich in interfaces. It is more convenient to connect external display and U disk / mobile hard disk. The left side is power interface, network cable interface, USB 3.1 interface, HDMI and 3.5mm headphone / microphone interface respectively; the right side is equipped with type-C interface, mini DP interface and two USB 3.1 interfaces.

In consideration of the needs of the creators, conceptd7 is luxurious in terms of sound specifications. The speaker supports the combination of waves maxxaudio and waves NX sound effects, and 360 degree surround stereo sound brings more highlights to your creation. Conceptd7 is not as heavy as you think, but as light as 2.1kg and only 17.9mm thick. It is very portable and can be carried by girls.

Screen advantage – 4K blessing, precise color

Because I often use PS and other image tools, this 15.6 inch 4K resolution screen naturally becomes the focus. Nonsense, let’s have a look at the charm of this screen.

Yamashihai wallpaper is the wallpaper that my computer lives in. When it is placed on this screen, it has a more perfect expression in both momentum and image quality, and there will be no blurry situation that often occurs on ordinary screens when viewed from different angles. If there is a shortage, it is that the author in the test game, just entered the game, the next door will come up

Next, change to cool wallpaper. It can be found that different color background wallpaper has almost perfect reproduction on this screen, with transparent color, very close to professional display, and good appearance. In addition, the 4.95mm micro frame and 81% screen share can give it a shocking look, and also make the size of conceptd7 close to the size of the traditional 14 inch notebook.

At present, most of the notebook resolutions on the market are at 1080p level. Conceptd7 is in place in one step, with Ultra HD 4K (3840 × 2160) resolution. At this resolution, users can see every detail and close-up of the screen clearly, which is of great benefit to creative personnel. It can also be found from the above figure that not only the color is accurate, but also the details are at a glance, and even the background mesh behind can be clear. This kind of performance further deepens the author’s favor for conceptd7.

Performance experience: quiet as a virgin, moving like a rabbit

Quiet working environment is very important for creators. Noisy environment will not only make people feel upset, but also the sudden inspiration will disappear. Conceptd7 is mainly “quiet and cold”, which is more suitable for the daily use of design creators.

It is equipped with three fourth generation 3D blade speed cold metal fans, the ventilation volume can be increased by 45%, plus five pure copper heat conduction tubes, to fully distribute the heat of all parts of the notebook, and the long-term use performance can also be stable. The noise is as low as 40 decibels, just like the whispering in the room. It’s very quiet and won’t affect the designer’s creation at all.

As for the performance that you are concerned about, conceptd7 has NVIDIA RTX studio certification. The hardware parameters are obviously at the peak, and the dry parameters are obviously not the key point, but they are not free from vulgarity here.

Conceptd7 adopts nine generation core i7-9750h standard pressure processor (6 cores and 12 threads), with single core core core frequency up to 4.5ghz. The video card is the new generation nvdia geforce RTX 2080 (8GB video memory), which supports real-time ray tracing, AI assistance and video with up to 8K resolution. In other aspects, conceptd7 is equipped with 32GB memory and 1TB solid-state drive.

Although conceptd7 can not be said to be the best in terms of performance, it’s basically hard to compete in the field of laptop, so it doesn’t need to prove anything by “running a point without any problems”. However, since it’s designed for content designers, it’s time to show the strength of its hard core. Here we have an i7-8700 (six core twelve thread), 16GB RAM (dual channel), RTX 1060 (6GB video memory) computer as an example. Only when we are strong can we have a better match.

First, take the frequently used PS as an example, import 10 ARW original format photos of 24 million pixels. Conceptd7 takes 5.30 seconds, while the other computer takes 21.63 seconds.

Next, take PR software as an example, import a 177g 4K resolution MOV Video material. Conceptd7 took 1.52 seconds, while the other computer took 26.98 seconds. Once again, conceptd7 won.

Then, the video is exported to MP4 format of 60MB, 1080p resolution. Conceptd7 shows 58 seconds left and another computer takes 1:37 (97 seconds). This game of conceptd7 is still a rolling victory. Through the above three rounds, it’s not hard to find that conceptd7 can only hide in the corner and shiver when it comes to “real combat”.


“Static as a virgin, moving as a rabbit” in my opinion is the interpretation of concept D7.

The elegant white appearance is like a pure Gu Liang. She is not good at powder and talk, but can make people fall in love at first sight. But when we act, we will change into “men” instantly. The quick speed and powerful fighting power will crush our opponents instantly, which is amazing.

What are the design creators’ rigid needs? The performance of the competitors, the professional color gamut high-resolution screen, the minimalist appearance design, the portable and appropriate weight, and these conceptd7 have one by one, and these excellent connotations are bound to help the creators to outline more beautiful pictures and more wonderful.